Friday, March 30, 2012

Compliments everywhere!

Guess what I started yesterday? C25K…I know right?! After all this complaining about not being able to workout in yesterdays blog (actually more excuses than anything because getting my hair and eyebrows done were my top priority) when I was done work last night around 8 I popped by my friends house because I kept talking about going for a run and she wanted to join me. So instead of just doing a basic run, and she was talking about how we should map things out. I was just like “shut up and start running were doing c25k” I started the app and we went from there. But for some reason between jogging, walking, talking I lost track on which one we we’re on and on the walking part, we started jogging, and on the jogging part we were walking. At first we were like wtf this is forever…then I noticed it and said “too bad we’re doing it this way now to leave our comfort zone and push ourselves” so we did!
Yesterday a girl at work wow’d me and say she can really see the 10 pounds off of me now and that I looked great and today at my full time job I got a compliment stating I’m starting to look really amazing and my hard work is really paying off! It’s nice when people compliment you it keeps you determined to get through this! My scale hasn’t budged from 159 which is okay because I can see my stomach toning up under all this fat. I’m an apple if you’re all wondering…it all goes to my gut! I’ve been doing pretty good on eating healthy this week simply because I do have a date (today!!) or coffee meet whatever it’s called. I’m not going to lie my stomach though has looked and felt really bloated…that’s okay I bought a cute little shirt which I’ll be wearing with a pair of jeans and a half cropped sweater. The weather is decent today as well; we’re meeting at the mall just by my house so I’ll walk up instead of drive. If I’m there early I’ll just go into the game store and kill time since the starbucks is right next to it. lol. I’m not going to lie, I hope it’s not long like 30 minutes or something. I know that seems horrible, but it’s like dude we’ve been talking forever and all you want to do is coffee? At least if we went to dinner for a quick bite I wouldn’t feel as awkward?  
I’m fussy, what can I say I have this horrible habit on canceling with people who I’ve been talking to forever who just want to do coffee. But I’ll make this one exception…So I decided to switch my game plan when it comes to working out. As we all know this Insanity thing clearly just isn’t working, I don’t have the determination to do it 6 days. So Here’s my new game plan, Insanity Monday, Wednesday and Friday and C25K Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays! I think this is a great game plan and probably something I’ll stick more to. But today I will go on my date, then come home do insanity as well as C25K after my date so then I don’t think so much on it afterwards…cause you know how we woman are…over thinking shit too much!
Well I off I go to enjoy my weekend, I hope all you blogger’s have a wonderful one. I may keep you guys posted tomorrow how the date went, if now you’ll all see Monday!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Weight: 159 so I’m up a pound and no whoosh from TOM (considering I was 165 during TOM, but two weeks ago 158) I think it’s super easy to put the weight back on which is so annoying, but whatever. Still out of the 160’s and I just need to continue, plus I’m sure it didn’t help that I had a McDonalds cheese burger at 8pm last night. That’s just an excuse though; I can’t blame 159 being on one burger at 8pm. (or can I? lol) My eating habits haven’t been too bad. I have officially stopped calorie counting though because it adds too much stress to my weight loss and I find myself much hungrier when I do count calories.
I have booked my Acupuncture appointment for next Friday at Noon as well I was able to get into Therapy Early instead of waiting a month’s time, so Therapy session will be Next Friday as well at 3pm. I get to sleep in and go to appointments…I also have a Doctor’s appointment next Tuesday at 3, for a Physical thanks to abnormal pap test’s but so far no sign of cancer it’s just been the same strain of HPV for a couple of years now (but because I stopped going to the doctors technically I had to restart.) so If this pap test comes out abnormal again, I will have to go to a specialist from then on to make sure it doesn’t progress to cancer. Funny thing is I ignore it for while until I saw a 24 year old on (I think) the Dr’s who had cervical cancer…she was only 24 freaked me right out and last year I got my ass into the doctor’s office to get regular exams.
Let’s see what else is on my list to do…Dentist is on April 18th!! It’s been 5 years since I been to one and I hate them, but I really need to get into one…There’s one at my place of work that honors my benefits’ so I went on my break and booked the appointment. I was also thinking of booking a massage…Also because I work at a Chiropractors office which has acupuncture and massage I get a staff discount of half off, which is nice because my benefits only cover a certain number.
I guess I’m kind of on a roll and trying to be more proactive and on top of things instead of procrastinating! Besides my benefits pay for all this crap so why not take advantage of it!
Okay I want to make a new weight loss goal for April, since I’m 159 I would like to lose 4 pounds by April 30th which will bring me to 155. 4 pounds in one month seems doable right?! Of course it is! As for yesterday’s workout I did about 15 minutes before I quit, I couldn’t get into it. Today is Cardio Recovery, but since I hardly busted my ass off this week (and I hate cardio recovery), I think I’ll just do One of the video’s I like to do and attempt to push myself. Or get out there and go for a run, but first I will need to go get my hair and eyebrows done so I might not have enough time to work out before work. Then when I get home from work, I’ll dye my hair…so I think I maybe skipping a workout today…DON’T SHOOT ME! I only have 2 hours before my second job and I need at least my eyebrows done! I could force myself to do it after work and then dye my hair and just go to bed a little later…we will see! This might just be excuse day lol.
So the title of my blog is 34 and people are probably wondering why? I’m not 34 but 34 is the time I accept everything to settle down for me. 34 I’ll have a career by then. 34 I’ll own my own house. 34 I will have a child. 34 is my year, it always has been since I was in my late teens and early 20’s.
Happy Thursday Bloggers!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On the road to recovery!

This is what this week’s schedule has been like.
4:50am wake up and get ready for work.
5:30am run to the bus stop
6 -2pm work.
2:45pm home (this is my regular life Monday to Friday)
2:50pm workout
3:30 shower, eat get ready for work.
4:30 off to job number 2
8:15 – 8:30 pm home.
9 – 10pm (fall asleep)

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty firkin tired this week, but yesterday I finally did it! I finally pushed myself with Insanity! I was right, I needed music (had to play korn or any angry music.) and I started off with the suicide drills which is the beginning of the workout after the 9 minute boring warm up, then the 3 minute stretch. Once I hit the end of the workout and it went to cool down, I went back up and began the 9 minute warm up and even pushed myself through it! (which I haven’t done at ALL since starting this “insane” journey last week!) Once that was down did the 5 minute cool down and I was finished. At the same time I had stuffed chicken cooking in the over so by the time my workout was down so was my chicken. I showered, made up my salad and enjoyed my dinner. I made an extra salad for work just in case I got hungry so I wouldn’t come home and binge eat around 8:30, 9:00 at night! I didn’t eat the salad, well I ate two bites when I got home, put in it the fridge for lunch today and set everything up for the morning before I went to work.
I decided I was going to try something new. Acupuncture apparently it can help when your moods are unstable, help with PMS, headaches and other stuff! So I booked an appointment with the acupuncturist that I work with for next Friday! I’m a little exciting, I’m also going to call today to book a therapy appoint. I was sitting on the bus yesterday being cynical and pissed off and I began wondering why this all started. Why have I always thought the world was shit, and have no faith in people…why must I always think everyone is bad and dislike them before I get to know them? Well I guess being bullied until I hit the age of 13 may have a reason for that…and the fact that people tend to dislike me for no reason (or the reason being because I stand up for myself, am a straight shooter and I don’t need to kiss everyone’s ass for people to like and respect me…they just do) so I guess that’s a reason to hate me. But overall as much as I try to be happy, I’m really miserable deep down inside and some days I’m okay and can mask it well. But other’s I’m just…I don’t know, maybe it’s about time I admit I’m not okay? Though it’s okay to be independent, and a loner at times, that it’s not okay to be anti social…that yes I need people sometimes, that it’s okay to ask for help when I need it and that sure there are plenty of shitty people in this world, but there are people out there who are generally good.
I guess the first step I’ve notice is I am on the road to recovery, I finally found a place to call home. A city I don’t feel like running away from. I am finally able to stand still…now let’s get to working on the rest!
Happy Wednesday bloggers!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its a tuesday!

Good morning ladies it’s day two of this dreadful week. Actually it’s not too bad to say the least I just can’t wait for this month to be over. You know how they say every day you wake up is like a fresh start…I feel that every time a new month enters. It’s not that I’m not thankful that every day I get to wake up and still get another day to live. It’s just that every new month feels more new than a new day does. It’s kind of refreshing so I can’t wait for March to be over and April to come blooming in!  
I attempted to do Insanity last night, (week two) I managed 15 minutes of diddle daddling before I said F it and turned it off to play my video game. I just can’t get into it. I find it so boring! It’s not an easy workout which is wonderful but it’s like repeat, after repeat after repeat! It’s 60 F’in days, you’d think you could switch up the 9 minute warm up on every video that’s different. But no it’s the same jog it out, butt kicks, high knees, 123, hynesmen, vertical jumps, or mummy rises. (first you go slow, then fast and then faster!!!) EVERY VIDEO! Same thing, over and over again it’s like ugh…60 days of this…or 30 days or this (maybe the next 30 are different…) I honestly just can’t get into it because I’m bored the first 15 minutes then something changes and I’m like…ya! naw I’m done. Maybe I’ll try today, skip the 9 minute warm up, go to the stretching, then right in to the video, than go back to the 9 minutes I skipped? Maybe that’ll motivate me more and get me more determined to do this shit. Today is pure cardio. (I skipped it last Friday.)
I work today at 5 – 8 again (all this week up to Thursday) But last night I bought a huge premade garden salad from walmart. So I’m going to pop in chicken in the oven right before I do my work out and let it cook (since the workout and to cook the chicken is about the same amount of time) Once my workout is done. Take out the chicken, shower, make myself a plate with salad and eat. I’m also going to pack a salad for work (just in case I get hungry and I can eat that. Veggies are nothing in the calorie department.) So I don’t end up bingeing around 8:30 – 9 at night. I want to watch what I eat this week…I have a DATE FRIDAY!
He’s older (10 years) which is fine I don’t like dating guys my own age anyways…Never been married, has no kids or baggage (as far as I know…I’ll find out more when I meet him). He’s apparently an actor, and has a master’s in Criminal Psychology which I totally want to get into. So there’s at least one thing in common. I should probably re-read why men love bitches and follow that book it had some really good advice. Not that a book is going to help me with the way I’ve been FOREVER! Lol but I guess I’ll call this the experiment stage…and if he finds me cute enough the experiment will go a little longer than a coffee date!  
So I accomplished one goal yesterday:
I joined a Social group! Yay me…So step one accomplished. Step two: Finding a group event to go out in that I’ll enjoy and going out to do it!
Todays goal:
Try a different Approach to Insanity and JUST FRIGGEN DO IT! Turn off my phone, put on some music, and JUST DO IT!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mostly ranting, then about weight.

Today I look skinny, and feel light. (I refuse to step on the scale for a little while.)
This weekend was little exhausting I signed back up on a dating site only to have deleted my account 24 hours later. Anyways so it started off Friday when my friend was “dumped” he told her there was NO SPARK but being as stupid as they both are and fear being alone, he said they’ll go on a “date” Sunday to see if a spark is there…okay whatever and this guy reminds me a lot of the douche I’m trying to get out of my system (it’s been really hard trying to get over him when I’m hearing about him just with a different name so every time my friends douche get’s brought up and the similar things he does reminds me of mine, so I cave and text him…)…well I saw the douche on the dating site with a new account and I lost it. (Given the fact I’m more overly emotional on my period and I flew off the handle.) At first we decided to be friends (the douche and I) and given the fact I’m not one of these girls that just bottles everything up I decided I couldn’t do it because I still had feelings for him. I told him I’m walking away and I was done and I’d appreciate it the next time he has a failed relationship and needs someone to fill a void to make him happy for a moment NOT to come to me.
He has something of mine, and I have something of his so after Friday’s freak out I calmed down Saturday after numerous of crying over the last 12 hours and send him a new text. Telling him I wanted my stuff and he should get his too. That we’ll meet up somewhere in the middle, of course he had some excuse not to do it. I don’t get why? You don’t want to date me, but you want to be friends? (even though I’m crazy emotional and you can’t stand that side of me…so doesn’t make sense.) I don’t want to be your friend. If I can’t have you the way I want you, then you don’t deserve to have me the way you want. It’s that simple. Maybe it’s selfish but I deserve to be selfish it’s my life. Given the fact I have feeling and he doesn’t why I should constantly be upset over it just because all the other girls he’s dated they’ve been able to get over their feelings for him and be his friend. Well I can’t, well it’s not that I can’t hell I don’t fucking want to! Give me space; give me TIME to get over you! He doesn’t want to do that because he thinks I’ll forget about him and completely move on. Which I will! Just because HE can’t let go and not have me in his life, doesn’t me I can’t let go and want him in my life. I don’t want him in my life final decision so when he decides to finally exchange stuff I’m going to let him know. He’s gone forever. I know in a few weeks time he’ll think the storm is over so he’ll text me like nothing happened etc…and I’m not doing it anymore. Fuck him.  
I also told my friend that because she decided to stay with the douche and not let go especially AFTER HE SAID, there was NO SPARK. I don’t want to hear it anymore. (She understand, at least I hope she does.) So when he starts treating her like shit again, I don’t want to hear it. All last year and now this year I’ve been trying to help her out with her relationships and I’m done it’s taking too much of a toll on me and I just don’t care anymore. How about everyone around me FIX YOUR OWN SHIT AND LEAVE ME OUT OF IT. No one wants to do anything to help themselves and it’s annoying.  I’m going to book another Therapy appointment because I either need it or I need anger management or something. I want to fix myself, I want to patch up whatever it is that’s broken inside of me that makes people not love me, and that makes me…most of the time not love myself.
I skipped out on doing Insanity Friday and Saturday, instead I decided to play Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, which I thought was going to be a little more different than it was. It was still badass though! I let the hero live this time, I want to kill him the next time! Lol It’s snowing today, we’re suppose to get up to 10 – 20 cm of it. I slept well last night and feel energized today. All last week I was drained, this week I work doubles all week. I work 6-2pm I’ll get home around 2:45, do Insanity, drink coffee, grab dinner and then go to work 5-8pm. Okay so not exactly doubles but still two different jobs that are pretty much going to take up my evenings. The pay is what I’m looking forward to next Monday! Lol
Sorry I don’t have anything else on my weight loss. I decided to give up calorie counting because when I stress and worry too much about my weight it becomes a slower progress than when I’m carefree about it. Not to mention TOM is here and I really am scared to step on the scale. So maybe in a little over a week’s time I’ll have some good news and new progress.
Goals this week:
Push myself more this week during insanity. (goals to do at least 5/6 days. 6/6 would be better but hey! I’m a working progress.) I need to build up to work out on weekends lol.
Drink more water. (Not that I don’t drink enough already.)/ eat more fruit and veggies…
Join a social group.
Apply to at least two different jobs.
Book my therapy appointment

Friday, March 23, 2012


(TMI the first paragraph is woman problems, so if you don’t want to read it skip to the next one.) My period’s suck! Seriously it takes a couple of days for the stupid shit to build up (I’ll spot) and then gush out and it’ll gush for days and then spot again and an 8 friggen day process! It’s like WHY must you take two days just to start? It’s like an essay, there’s a slow beginning, an explosive middle and a blah ending. WTF not to mention the cramps I get! I haven’t gotten them yet because there are no explosions but I will get them…and they suck too! (Period rant is done!)
I’m not going to step on the scale for about two weeks. I want to base what I think my weight is with how I feel. So if I feel skinny and light than I’m skinny and light! Fuck the scale and the numbers on it right now. We determine how big we are from the numbers way too much. The truth is I look about 10 pounds lighter than what I am, but I let the scale ruin a perfectly healthy positive thought because of a number.
Insanity has been going okay, I’m not pushing myself as hard as I should be this week, but at least I’m doing it. I get kind of lack of determination for it? Though I love it when Shaun T yells hahah it’s like “okay okay I’m doing it!” I have been all this week last night was cardio recovery, (which was kind of boring so I pushed myself 30% to do it…lol) Maybe I’ll switch my cardio recovery days for some JM since the video’s run about the same time. Or maybe when I start pushing myself to 90 – 100% in these video’s I’ll appreciate the cardio recovery day’s more. I guess I just don’t want to burn out right away and not complete the 60 days so I’m starting off slow.
(Next park is non-weight anything)
Next week I work both jobs Monday to Thursday 6am-2pm and then 5pm-8pm. Oh it’s going to be a very nice pay at the end of the month from job number 2…Speaking off I should really do my taxes and see what the damage is that I owe. Dun dun dun…I’m going to pick up Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City tonight after work! I work tomorrow so my phone will be on for 8 hours…but as of TONIGHT, I will go grab my game. Get my ass home and do my Insanity Pure Carido (shut off my phone), shower hop into my jammies and Game it until I go to bed. Then I will wake up for work, turn on my phone (I need to play my dumb iphone games for entertainment). So as of 3 O’clock this afternoon, Phone is OFF! This is going to be a challenge in its own haha.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guess what excuse I DIDN'T use yesterday?!

My ear hurts I can’t workout…F you ear you didn’t stop me! (oh and it isn’t an ear infection it’s just an earache. I may of punctured my drum a bit cleaning my ears. Today it feels better though!) I went for a wonderful 3 hour nap, watched Tuesday’s Ringer (wicked show by the way, anyone else watch it? I really don’t see a second season to come only because of the way the show is going, but you never know…Sarah Michelle Gellar is badass!) My weight loss buddy wanted to climb the hill, than go do something else. I said no, she asked me to come support her. I said no. I decided as selfish as this sounds, I’m not supporting anyone until I’ve done MY workouts. I COULD have used the excuse to opt out of insanity (day 3) to go climb a hill (which isn’t a workout for me because I’m more advanced. I’d have to do it 5 or 6 times and I wasn’t going to do that either.) Her and I are two different fitness levels and besides it was around 7pm anyways and I want to continue with insanity and do it right! Because that is MY workout, not climbing a hill.
All last year I worried about a douche I was dating and my frienemie (with her relationship problems), I stopped working on myself and concentrated on everyone else around me. I’m done doing that. People like to talk shit about me anyways saying how much of a bitch I am. Which is fine that’s how I know who my frienemies are (as well as good guys I date) and who my real friends are; my real friends acknowledge the stuff I do for them and know I’m truly a kind hearted person for people who DESERVE it. My frienemies are the ones who will tell me I’m a bitch etc... Don’t get me wrong, I can’t be a bitch and I mean I’m the type of person you either LOVE or HATE there is no in between, but that’s if you cross me. I’m a strong person who STANDS up for myself and doesn’t take shit. So I guess that makes me a bitch; but No offence to some people, but the only reason they’ve truly been able to learn to defend them self and to stop having people walk all over them is because they’ve hung out with me. Maybe that’s me being vain but it’s true.  Do you know who you’re frienemies are? Be careful with them they can be your biggest sabotager’s, because they definitely aren’t your biggest supporters. (Don’t get me wrong I love my friends/frienemies though but that doesn’t mean I don’t see their faults.)
I realized I’m a huge food waster. I buy food and most of it goes to waste. I spend too much money with the reality is I should just eat the food I buy! No more…I need to stop wasting money. I need to learn to say no when it comes to spending my money like I’ve learn to say no when people offer me something unhealthy! (not only am I a girl with a weight problem, I’m a girl with a financial problem as well…)
Anyone love Chinese food? I find the food you order, or even the take out places in the malls aren’t really good. Well Walmart sells boxes of Chinese food that you can make at home, the beauty of it is you can see the calories you are eating (because their portioned) and it honestly tastes so much better than takeout! I don’t know why, but if you love Chinese I’d go for the boxes at walmart you know what you’re eating and how much your calories are worth!! Yesterday’s calories were high, 2273 which is fine I call it my free day. (I’m trying to change from using the word cheat, because really I’m not cheating. I’m human and given the fact I still eat normal instead of following a diet just watch it more closely I’m going to say free day!) I’m also going to give myself a small accomplishment for working out and not trying to find excuse not to do it!
I read “How I lost 80 pounds and I’m still going strong!” blog and she had a really good point, she mentions surrounding yourself with ALREADY healthy active people, instead of the ones who are trying to lose weight. Sure surround yourself with both, but I think that is one brilliant idea and I think I’m going to start doing that. Sure it’s good to have friends who know what you’re going through, but at the same time they’re not the best to surround yourself with because you deal with their negativity attitudes, jealousy whatever else. When if you surround yourself with already healthy positive people it’ll help you move forward and accomplish things better. I think, so when I’m feeling brave to meet new people I just might do that!
I hope everyone has a wonderful happy Thursday! It’s snowing here, but today is Cardio Recovery day! Week one is almost done! (It’s getting my ass motivated to workout on Saturday is my issue…)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ear Infection and sore boobs! lol

LOL so I wrote a blog, I copied it instead of just cutting it and forgot I did it. Next I went to look for a motivational quote picture; I copied it and pasted it to my blog. I switched over to Word and realized…I just copied over my post. So here I am back to re writing my post.
So last night I fell asleep cozy in my wonderful warm bed to only be woken up abruptly an hour later with a sharp pain in my ear…slowly falling back a sleep hoping it’d just go away an hour later I woke up again. Answered some text messages and read up on curing an earache. Finally I got my ass our of bed 45 minutes later made a hot water bottle, wrapped it in a towel and laid back down having it on my ear. (My mother used to always do this when I was a child, I forgot she also did was put ear drops in my ear as well.) It wasn’t working. So I tried a piece of fresh garlic which made me hungry around midnight which pissed me off. I took a tiny bite of my protein bar to hold me over. Finally around one am nothing was working…so I got up took some advil, took the piece of garlic out and laid back down. The pain slowly was dying and around 1:45 I fell asleep. My alarm clock went off and I hit snooze about 5 times, the pain was back. (the pain is worse now.) Got ready for work and drove in (of course in the end I’ll be wasting 20 dollars for parking, simply because my company is an asshole. They took away parking from only two employee’s, funny thing is there is TWO parking sports available today because two of the other security team members aren’t here and I’m still not allowed to park…explain THAT ONE to me.)
Not only does my ear hurt, TOM is just around the corner and I’m far more pissed off today than I was yesterday. So my supervisor is letting me go to the doctors on my break (at least their good that way) and I’m going to see if it’s just an ear infection or just an earache and what they’ll do for me. I went to my second job yesterday (feeling like a complete whale) and my boss turns to me and says “You look really thin today” Woot! That made me happy.
So now on to what none of us have been waiting for but I’ll tell you about it anyways. Day two of Insanity, Plyo Cardio Circuit. Out of 100% I’d say I gave it 40% holy fuck it’s hard, and my boob hurt like hell around TOM so all this jumping really doesn’t help and that pretty much what most of it is. Jumping jumping ouchie ouchie. So I didn’t push myself, had to hold my boobs during the jumps because they hurt lol. So I give myself a 40% effort for at least attempting to do it and I’m sure out of the 60 days there will be a lot more blah days of doing this. There will be days I’ll give it my all and days I’ll say shit happens at least I tried.
Calorie count yesterday: 1600 (not bad)
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A goal without a plan is just a wish...

Apparently it’s the first day of spring right now it’s -2 and later on its suppose to be high of 9. I say Bullshit! Anyways so of course yesterday’s fitness test was accomplished as well as a hill climb but before all of that I decided to measure my inches:
Stomach: 35.5
Hips: 38.5
Ass: 40 (do you even measure your ass? And you’d think I’d have nice ghetto booty with an ass that size but nooo. I wonder how big Jlo’s butt is? Lol)
Right & Left Arm: 11.1
Thigh Left: 22 Thigh right: 22.2
Calf left: 16 and Calf right 16.1

So I’m going to list all the things I hate right now and what I’m going to do starting today to change it!
1)       Job – Start looking and every day apply to one new job, not just any job a career wise choice.
2)       Weight – No matter how tired I am, no matter what dumbass excuse I’m trying to make I need to do INSANITY.
3)       Friends – I should sign up to meet up and start becoming more social able…(kind of hard when I’ve been anti social for so long.)
4)       Time -  I should take some time off for myself...
Also I'm going to very much agree with the picture on top. So many times we have goals but we never put an action plan to it. Without action it just doesn't happen so in the end it always just becomes a wish.

Hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 1, Week 1

Insanity Fitness Test week one:
Switch Kicks: 100
Power Jacks: 40
Power Knees: 60
Power Jumps: 20
Globe Jumps: 7 (I hate these!)
Suicide Jumps: 8 (I hate these even more!)
Push up Jacks: 13
Low Plank Obliques: 20 per leg.

Extra: Light jog around the block. Gotta start small and since I've been slowly wanting to get back into running I think a 25 minute fitness test is perfect and than a jog. The weather is beautiful I don't have an excuse for today!
I didn't run, but I climbed a huge hill in 10 minutes! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Are you ready to dig deep?!

Get fit or get out! It’s a 60 day challenge and trust me there is a reason why it’s called insanity. It’s a hard grueling workout and it’s not fun depending on which program you do of the day it can go from forty minutes to an hour and a half. It’s one hell of a commitment and often times you may see yourself fail because you have built your mentality to accept the fact that you need to change your life that this is something you really want; that it’s not just going to come to you with the snap of your fingers you need to work for it and you need to work hard at it!
So here I am today attempting to make the change, to take this challenge to accept the fact that I WILL NOT fail at this because I will be committed to it. Doesn’t matter how tired I am or what kind of excuses I feel the need to make up. The program starts on a Monday but I’m going to start today! I’ll do Friday and Saturday, rest on Sunday and start week one on Monday.
Every day I’ll post my progress of the day before, I will have a religious routine of work, Insanity and it doesn’t matter about anything else as long as I get the two in. I will have a jar set up with $60.00 cash in it (dollar per workout) at the end of the 60 day’s that money is mine to buy myself a nice prize. If I fail to workout 5 dollars get’s removed from the jar, the money will leave the jar faster than it’ll go in that’s for sure!
So today is the start of Pure Cardio, tomorrow will be Plyo Cardio Circuit and Sunday is a rest day. Starting on Monday I will start as if I’m just starting that day with the fitness test. (results will be posted later on.) I will take my measurements tonight, and weigh myself on the scale with what it says this exact moment.

If to look like that aint enough motivation and determination. I don't know what is...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hidden Hot Mess...

My life is a hidden hot mess and only I can take control of it. Only I can help myself and only I can make my dreams become reality. The only thing in life I CAN control is my health, mentally and physically. I need to change some things so I’ll make a short term goal bucket list for before I turn 27 which will be May 23rd, 2012!
1)       Be down to 148 pounds (that’s a totally of 12 pounds to lose and only 8 pounds away from my goal.)
2)       Finally get my credit report in hand and stop dreaming about solving this shit (and wondering where I am with it all) and START DOING something about it.
3)       Changed EVERYTHING over from License, registration etc…
4)       Stop running from NOTHING!
5)       Find a Career…
6)       TAXES….:(
It’s a bit to do in two months but it’s time to start being a doer and quit making excuses!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Start this second, forget about starting tomorrow!

What are we waiting for? Why do we procrastinate when we should be doing something about our health the second we think about doing it. What’s the deal with “I’ll start tomorrow?” and in the end tomorrow never comes because we have some sort of an excuse as to why we didn’t start. Well here’s what I say, I don’t care what you ate today, I don’t care if you already ate two bags of chips and you’re on your third or had 5 recesses pieces and whatever else you are stuffing your face with. Put the fucking thing down and start this second! Just because you started eating something unhealthy doesn’t mean you HAVE to finish it. Often times we fail even before we start because we have no faith in ourselves. We forget how strong we really are and quit because it becomes too hard. We make excuses for ourselves to be fat because our “significant other” loves us the way we are, because it’s easier to plop my children down in front of an xbox then it is to take them to a park and play with them. We get fat because we become too comfortable with our laziness, because it’s easier to go grab a MacDonald’s meal instead of cooking a homemade healthy one. We have little in a day because we have to get ready for work, get the kids to school, and pack their lunches including our lazy husbands that we treat as a second or third child as well. We as woman allow everyone to depend on us, and if for a second we start to think about ourselves “were selfish”. When in the reality we’re not. The reality is we’re being selfish by killing ourselves with this horrible shit we put in our body, not to mention we’re being selfish by teaching our children our unhealthy patterns so they become fat and lazy as well and they pass it on to their children. It doesn’t make you selfish to take control of your life to make better and healthier choices. It makes you selfish to slowly kill yourself with the wrong choices to you make. So here it is, the start of a second to make a positive change RIGHT NOW!!!