Thursday, March 29, 2012


Weight: 159 so I’m up a pound and no whoosh from TOM (considering I was 165 during TOM, but two weeks ago 158) I think it’s super easy to put the weight back on which is so annoying, but whatever. Still out of the 160’s and I just need to continue, plus I’m sure it didn’t help that I had a McDonalds cheese burger at 8pm last night. That’s just an excuse though; I can’t blame 159 being on one burger at 8pm. (or can I? lol) My eating habits haven’t been too bad. I have officially stopped calorie counting though because it adds too much stress to my weight loss and I find myself much hungrier when I do count calories.
I have booked my Acupuncture appointment for next Friday at Noon as well I was able to get into Therapy Early instead of waiting a month’s time, so Therapy session will be Next Friday as well at 3pm. I get to sleep in and go to appointments…I also have a Doctor’s appointment next Tuesday at 3, for a Physical thanks to abnormal pap test’s but so far no sign of cancer it’s just been the same strain of HPV for a couple of years now (but because I stopped going to the doctors technically I had to restart.) so If this pap test comes out abnormal again, I will have to go to a specialist from then on to make sure it doesn’t progress to cancer. Funny thing is I ignore it for while until I saw a 24 year old on (I think) the Dr’s who had cervical cancer…she was only 24 freaked me right out and last year I got my ass into the doctor’s office to get regular exams.
Let’s see what else is on my list to do…Dentist is on April 18th!! It’s been 5 years since I been to one and I hate them, but I really need to get into one…There’s one at my place of work that honors my benefits’ so I went on my break and booked the appointment. I was also thinking of booking a massage…Also because I work at a Chiropractors office which has acupuncture and massage I get a staff discount of half off, which is nice because my benefits only cover a certain number.
I guess I’m kind of on a roll and trying to be more proactive and on top of things instead of procrastinating! Besides my benefits pay for all this crap so why not take advantage of it!
Okay I want to make a new weight loss goal for April, since I’m 159 I would like to lose 4 pounds by April 30th which will bring me to 155. 4 pounds in one month seems doable right?! Of course it is! As for yesterday’s workout I did about 15 minutes before I quit, I couldn’t get into it. Today is Cardio Recovery, but since I hardly busted my ass off this week (and I hate cardio recovery), I think I’ll just do One of the video’s I like to do and attempt to push myself. Or get out there and go for a run, but first I will need to go get my hair and eyebrows done so I might not have enough time to work out before work. Then when I get home from work, I’ll dye my hair…so I think I maybe skipping a workout today…DON’T SHOOT ME! I only have 2 hours before my second job and I need at least my eyebrows done! I could force myself to do it after work and then dye my hair and just go to bed a little later…we will see! This might just be excuse day lol.
So the title of my blog is 34 and people are probably wondering why? I’m not 34 but 34 is the time I accept everything to settle down for me. 34 I’ll have a career by then. 34 I’ll own my own house. 34 I will have a child. 34 is my year, it always has been since I was in my late teens and early 20’s.
Happy Thursday Bloggers!

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  1. Good luck with your goals! I'm up this week too and I'm hoping it's because TOM is coming up. This gain is annoying me.