Friday, March 30, 2012

Compliments everywhere!

Guess what I started yesterday? C25K…I know right?! After all this complaining about not being able to workout in yesterdays blog (actually more excuses than anything because getting my hair and eyebrows done were my top priority) when I was done work last night around 8 I popped by my friends house because I kept talking about going for a run and she wanted to join me. So instead of just doing a basic run, and she was talking about how we should map things out. I was just like “shut up and start running were doing c25k” I started the app and we went from there. But for some reason between jogging, walking, talking I lost track on which one we we’re on and on the walking part, we started jogging, and on the jogging part we were walking. At first we were like wtf this is forever…then I noticed it and said “too bad we’re doing it this way now to leave our comfort zone and push ourselves” so we did!
Yesterday a girl at work wow’d me and say she can really see the 10 pounds off of me now and that I looked great and today at my full time job I got a compliment stating I’m starting to look really amazing and my hard work is really paying off! It’s nice when people compliment you it keeps you determined to get through this! My scale hasn’t budged from 159 which is okay because I can see my stomach toning up under all this fat. I’m an apple if you’re all wondering…it all goes to my gut! I’ve been doing pretty good on eating healthy this week simply because I do have a date (today!!) or coffee meet whatever it’s called. I’m not going to lie my stomach though has looked and felt really bloated…that’s okay I bought a cute little shirt which I’ll be wearing with a pair of jeans and a half cropped sweater. The weather is decent today as well; we’re meeting at the mall just by my house so I’ll walk up instead of drive. If I’m there early I’ll just go into the game store and kill time since the starbucks is right next to it. lol. I’m not going to lie, I hope it’s not long like 30 minutes or something. I know that seems horrible, but it’s like dude we’ve been talking forever and all you want to do is coffee? At least if we went to dinner for a quick bite I wouldn’t feel as awkward?  
I’m fussy, what can I say I have this horrible habit on canceling with people who I’ve been talking to forever who just want to do coffee. But I’ll make this one exception…So I decided to switch my game plan when it comes to working out. As we all know this Insanity thing clearly just isn’t working, I don’t have the determination to do it 6 days. So Here’s my new game plan, Insanity Monday, Wednesday and Friday and C25K Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays! I think this is a great game plan and probably something I’ll stick more to. But today I will go on my date, then come home do insanity as well as C25K after my date so then I don’t think so much on it afterwards…cause you know how we woman are…over thinking shit too much!
Well I off I go to enjoy my weekend, I hope all you blogger’s have a wonderful one. I may keep you guys posted tomorrow how the date went, if now you’ll all see Monday!


  1. Enjoy your weekend! Have fun on your date!

    I love getting compliments from people in real life :) so congratulations. You've earned it!!

  2. Yea I'm the same way with my busy schedule it's a freaking challenge to squeeze in workouts!

    Have fun on your date! :)