Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ear Infection and sore boobs! lol

LOL so I wrote a blog, I copied it instead of just cutting it and forgot I did it. Next I went to look for a motivational quote picture; I copied it and pasted it to my blog. I switched over to Word and realized…I just copied over my post. So here I am back to re writing my post.
So last night I fell asleep cozy in my wonderful warm bed to only be woken up abruptly an hour later with a sharp pain in my ear…slowly falling back a sleep hoping it’d just go away an hour later I woke up again. Answered some text messages and read up on curing an earache. Finally I got my ass our of bed 45 minutes later made a hot water bottle, wrapped it in a towel and laid back down having it on my ear. (My mother used to always do this when I was a child, I forgot she also did was put ear drops in my ear as well.) It wasn’t working. So I tried a piece of fresh garlic which made me hungry around midnight which pissed me off. I took a tiny bite of my protein bar to hold me over. Finally around one am nothing was working…so I got up took some advil, took the piece of garlic out and laid back down. The pain slowly was dying and around 1:45 I fell asleep. My alarm clock went off and I hit snooze about 5 times, the pain was back. (the pain is worse now.) Got ready for work and drove in (of course in the end I’ll be wasting 20 dollars for parking, simply because my company is an asshole. They took away parking from only two employee’s, funny thing is there is TWO parking sports available today because two of the other security team members aren’t here and I’m still not allowed to park…explain THAT ONE to me.)
Not only does my ear hurt, TOM is just around the corner and I’m far more pissed off today than I was yesterday. So my supervisor is letting me go to the doctors on my break (at least their good that way) and I’m going to see if it’s just an ear infection or just an earache and what they’ll do for me. I went to my second job yesterday (feeling like a complete whale) and my boss turns to me and says “You look really thin today” Woot! That made me happy.
So now on to what none of us have been waiting for but I’ll tell you about it anyways. Day two of Insanity, Plyo Cardio Circuit. Out of 100% I’d say I gave it 40% holy fuck it’s hard, and my boob hurt like hell around TOM so all this jumping really doesn’t help and that pretty much what most of it is. Jumping jumping ouchie ouchie. So I didn’t push myself, had to hold my boobs during the jumps because they hurt lol. So I give myself a 40% effort for at least attempting to do it and I’m sure out of the 60 days there will be a lot more blah days of doing this. There will be days I’ll give it my all and days I’ll say shit happens at least I tried.
Calorie count yesterday: 1600 (not bad)
Happy Hump Day!

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