Thursday, March 22, 2012

Guess what excuse I DIDN'T use yesterday?!

My ear hurts I can’t workout…F you ear you didn’t stop me! (oh and it isn’t an ear infection it’s just an earache. I may of punctured my drum a bit cleaning my ears. Today it feels better though!) I went for a wonderful 3 hour nap, watched Tuesday’s Ringer (wicked show by the way, anyone else watch it? I really don’t see a second season to come only because of the way the show is going, but you never know…Sarah Michelle Gellar is badass!) My weight loss buddy wanted to climb the hill, than go do something else. I said no, she asked me to come support her. I said no. I decided as selfish as this sounds, I’m not supporting anyone until I’ve done MY workouts. I COULD have used the excuse to opt out of insanity (day 3) to go climb a hill (which isn’t a workout for me because I’m more advanced. I’d have to do it 5 or 6 times and I wasn’t going to do that either.) Her and I are two different fitness levels and besides it was around 7pm anyways and I want to continue with insanity and do it right! Because that is MY workout, not climbing a hill.
All last year I worried about a douche I was dating and my frienemie (with her relationship problems), I stopped working on myself and concentrated on everyone else around me. I’m done doing that. People like to talk shit about me anyways saying how much of a bitch I am. Which is fine that’s how I know who my frienemies are (as well as good guys I date) and who my real friends are; my real friends acknowledge the stuff I do for them and know I’m truly a kind hearted person for people who DESERVE it. My frienemies are the ones who will tell me I’m a bitch etc... Don’t get me wrong, I can’t be a bitch and I mean I’m the type of person you either LOVE or HATE there is no in between, but that’s if you cross me. I’m a strong person who STANDS up for myself and doesn’t take shit. So I guess that makes me a bitch; but No offence to some people, but the only reason they’ve truly been able to learn to defend them self and to stop having people walk all over them is because they’ve hung out with me. Maybe that’s me being vain but it’s true.  Do you know who you’re frienemies are? Be careful with them they can be your biggest sabotager’s, because they definitely aren’t your biggest supporters. (Don’t get me wrong I love my friends/frienemies though but that doesn’t mean I don’t see their faults.)
I realized I’m a huge food waster. I buy food and most of it goes to waste. I spend too much money with the reality is I should just eat the food I buy! No more…I need to stop wasting money. I need to learn to say no when it comes to spending my money like I’ve learn to say no when people offer me something unhealthy! (not only am I a girl with a weight problem, I’m a girl with a financial problem as well…)
Anyone love Chinese food? I find the food you order, or even the take out places in the malls aren’t really good. Well Walmart sells boxes of Chinese food that you can make at home, the beauty of it is you can see the calories you are eating (because their portioned) and it honestly tastes so much better than takeout! I don’t know why, but if you love Chinese I’d go for the boxes at walmart you know what you’re eating and how much your calories are worth!! Yesterday’s calories were high, 2273 which is fine I call it my free day. (I’m trying to change from using the word cheat, because really I’m not cheating. I’m human and given the fact I still eat normal instead of following a diet just watch it more closely I’m going to say free day!) I’m also going to give myself a small accomplishment for working out and not trying to find excuse not to do it!
I read “How I lost 80 pounds and I’m still going strong!” blog and she had a really good point, she mentions surrounding yourself with ALREADY healthy active people, instead of the ones who are trying to lose weight. Sure surround yourself with both, but I think that is one brilliant idea and I think I’m going to start doing that. Sure it’s good to have friends who know what you’re going through, but at the same time they’re not the best to surround yourself with because you deal with their negativity attitudes, jealousy whatever else. When if you surround yourself with already healthy positive people it’ll help you move forward and accomplish things better. I think, so when I’m feeling brave to meet new people I just might do that!
I hope everyone has a wonderful happy Thursday! It’s snowing here, but today is Cardio Recovery day! Week one is almost done! (It’s getting my ass motivated to workout on Saturday is my issue…)

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