Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hidden Hot Mess...

My life is a hidden hot mess and only I can take control of it. Only I can help myself and only I can make my dreams become reality. The only thing in life I CAN control is my health, mentally and physically. I need to change some things so I’ll make a short term goal bucket list for before I turn 27 which will be May 23rd, 2012!
1)       Be down to 148 pounds (that’s a totally of 12 pounds to lose and only 8 pounds away from my goal.)
2)       Finally get my credit report in hand and stop dreaming about solving this shit (and wondering where I am with it all) and START DOING something about it.
3)       Changed EVERYTHING over from License, registration etc…
4)       Stop running from NOTHING!
5)       Find a Career…
6)       TAXES….:(
It’s a bit to do in two months but it’s time to start being a doer and quit making excuses!

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