Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Its a tuesday!

Good morning ladies it’s day two of this dreadful week. Actually it’s not too bad to say the least I just can’t wait for this month to be over. You know how they say every day you wake up is like a fresh start…I feel that every time a new month enters. It’s not that I’m not thankful that every day I get to wake up and still get another day to live. It’s just that every new month feels more new than a new day does. It’s kind of refreshing so I can’t wait for March to be over and April to come blooming in!  
I attempted to do Insanity last night, (week two) I managed 15 minutes of diddle daddling before I said F it and turned it off to play my video game. I just can’t get into it. I find it so boring! It’s not an easy workout which is wonderful but it’s like repeat, after repeat after repeat! It’s 60 F’in days, you’d think you could switch up the 9 minute warm up on every video that’s different. But no it’s the same jog it out, butt kicks, high knees, 123, hynesmen, vertical jumps, or mummy rises. (first you go slow, then fast and then faster!!!) EVERY VIDEO! Same thing, over and over again it’s like ugh…60 days of this…or 30 days or this (maybe the next 30 are different…) I honestly just can’t get into it because I’m bored the first 15 minutes then something changes and I’m like…ya! naw I’m done. Maybe I’ll try today, skip the 9 minute warm up, go to the stretching, then right in to the video, than go back to the 9 minutes I skipped? Maybe that’ll motivate me more and get me more determined to do this shit. Today is pure cardio. (I skipped it last Friday.)
I work today at 5 – 8 again (all this week up to Thursday) But last night I bought a huge premade garden salad from walmart. So I’m going to pop in chicken in the oven right before I do my work out and let it cook (since the workout and to cook the chicken is about the same amount of time) Once my workout is done. Take out the chicken, shower, make myself a plate with salad and eat. I’m also going to pack a salad for work (just in case I get hungry and I can eat that. Veggies are nothing in the calorie department.) So I don’t end up bingeing around 8:30 – 9 at night. I want to watch what I eat this week…I have a DATE FRIDAY!
He’s older (10 years) which is fine I don’t like dating guys my own age anyways…Never been married, has no kids or baggage (as far as I know…I’ll find out more when I meet him). He’s apparently an actor, and has a master’s in Criminal Psychology which I totally want to get into. So there’s at least one thing in common. I should probably re-read why men love bitches and follow that book it had some really good advice. Not that a book is going to help me with the way I’ve been FOREVER! Lol but I guess I’ll call this the experiment stage…and if he finds me cute enough the experiment will go a little longer than a coffee date!  
So I accomplished one goal yesterday:
I joined a Social group! Yay me…So step one accomplished. Step two: Finding a group event to go out in that I’ll enjoy and going out to do it!
Todays goal:
Try a different Approach to Insanity and JUST FRIGGEN DO IT! Turn off my phone, put on some music, and JUST DO IT!

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  1. Have fun on your date this coming Friday! He sounds interesting and mysterious :)

    I look forward to a new month too.