Friday, March 23, 2012


(TMI the first paragraph is woman problems, so if you don’t want to read it skip to the next one.) My period’s suck! Seriously it takes a couple of days for the stupid shit to build up (I’ll spot) and then gush out and it’ll gush for days and then spot again and an 8 friggen day process! It’s like WHY must you take two days just to start? It’s like an essay, there’s a slow beginning, an explosive middle and a blah ending. WTF not to mention the cramps I get! I haven’t gotten them yet because there are no explosions but I will get them…and they suck too! (Period rant is done!)
I’m not going to step on the scale for about two weeks. I want to base what I think my weight is with how I feel. So if I feel skinny and light than I’m skinny and light! Fuck the scale and the numbers on it right now. We determine how big we are from the numbers way too much. The truth is I look about 10 pounds lighter than what I am, but I let the scale ruin a perfectly healthy positive thought because of a number.
Insanity has been going okay, I’m not pushing myself as hard as I should be this week, but at least I’m doing it. I get kind of lack of determination for it? Though I love it when Shaun T yells hahah it’s like “okay okay I’m doing it!” I have been all this week last night was cardio recovery, (which was kind of boring so I pushed myself 30% to do it…lol) Maybe I’ll switch my cardio recovery days for some JM since the video’s run about the same time. Or maybe when I start pushing myself to 90 – 100% in these video’s I’ll appreciate the cardio recovery day’s more. I guess I just don’t want to burn out right away and not complete the 60 days so I’m starting off slow.
(Next park is non-weight anything)
Next week I work both jobs Monday to Thursday 6am-2pm and then 5pm-8pm. Oh it’s going to be a very nice pay at the end of the month from job number 2…Speaking off I should really do my taxes and see what the damage is that I owe. Dun dun dun…I’m going to pick up Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City tonight after work! I work tomorrow so my phone will be on for 8 hours…but as of TONIGHT, I will go grab my game. Get my ass home and do my Insanity Pure Carido (shut off my phone), shower hop into my jammies and Game it until I go to bed. Then I will wake up for work, turn on my phone (I need to play my dumb iphone games for entertainment). So as of 3 O’clock this afternoon, Phone is OFF! This is going to be a challenge in its own haha.


  1. Have a lovely weekend! I hate the symptoms and cravings that come with my period. I do enjoy the whoosh on the scale though after the bloat goes away.

  2. do you take any iron supplements? that really helps with the energy since during time of the month us girls lose plenty of blood :)

    Keep up the great work

  3. Safire: Ah the cravings I get the week before which suck. I usually just get bloated and cramps while on it and psychotic mood swings LOL.

    Gertie: no, I know I should take them and I even tried vitamins but it was making me sick cause I'd take them on an empty stomach and the only time I tend to remember anything is first thing in the morning. So I just give up on taking anything. Maybe I should try again, will taking them before bed give the same affect?