Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Start this second, forget about starting tomorrow!

What are we waiting for? Why do we procrastinate when we should be doing something about our health the second we think about doing it. What’s the deal with “I’ll start tomorrow?” and in the end tomorrow never comes because we have some sort of an excuse as to why we didn’t start. Well here’s what I say, I don’t care what you ate today, I don’t care if you already ate two bags of chips and you’re on your third or had 5 recesses pieces and whatever else you are stuffing your face with. Put the fucking thing down and start this second! Just because you started eating something unhealthy doesn’t mean you HAVE to finish it. Often times we fail even before we start because we have no faith in ourselves. We forget how strong we really are and quit because it becomes too hard. We make excuses for ourselves to be fat because our “significant other” loves us the way we are, because it’s easier to plop my children down in front of an xbox then it is to take them to a park and play with them. We get fat because we become too comfortable with our laziness, because it’s easier to go grab a MacDonald’s meal instead of cooking a homemade healthy one. We have little in a day because we have to get ready for work, get the kids to school, and pack their lunches including our lazy husbands that we treat as a second or third child as well. We as woman allow everyone to depend on us, and if for a second we start to think about ourselves “were selfish”. When in the reality we’re not. The reality is we’re being selfish by killing ourselves with this horrible shit we put in our body, not to mention we’re being selfish by teaching our children our unhealthy patterns so they become fat and lazy as well and they pass it on to their children. It doesn’t make you selfish to take control of your life to make better and healthier choices. It makes you selfish to slowly kill yourself with the wrong choices to you make. So here it is, the start of a second to make a positive change RIGHT NOW!!!

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