Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th!

It has been an eventful morning lots of drunks out this morning that’s for sure, I wonder if they had a post Friday the 13th part last night or something?!  I know today I’m going to a meet up at a pub, I’m excited for that. My friend and I are going for an hour or two she’s has to work a midnight shift and I have to work tomorrow morning so I’m really not in the mood to be out late.  I’m not a huge pub fan but one it’s Friday the 13th and two this pub meetup seems more calming than the other one would have been. (That I completely didn’t show up for) I get anxiety when I have to meet new people, I hate meeting new people especially the ones around my age because all they want to do is drink, but I want to get out more and start to know more people. So Today is my first step to do it. Get all dolled up put on my 6 inch heels do my hair and makeup and go out for a fun time. I’m making myself more excited for this.
I have my second acupuncture appointment at 4 today I’m a little excited about too! This week I’ve switch from coffee to green tea with honey in the morning and you know what? I don’t think I felt a super crash in mid-day from tea than I have been having from coffee. I decided to drive into work today because I got 100% soaked from the rain yesterday, ended up sleeping for a three hour nap from 3-6 and even was able to crash by 9pm without any issues. The scale hasn’t moved from 159.5 but TOM is also coming so I’m hoping this is TOM weight and after that I’ll be down? My goal is to drop 5 more pounds before I head home in May to see my family. 35 days, 5 pounds? I think I can!
I sent Charming a text today saying “Hey you, I was thinking about you and I hope you are okay. Xo” my friend said just drop off the radar and if I’m important to him he’ll come back. I think this is different and two I’m not really upset that he hasn’t texted me. I’m being calm and understanding of the situation. Someone died, it’s not like some guy I was dating and he just dropped off the face of the earth. Technically he didn’t even have to owe me an explanation. It was courtesy of him to text me to apologize and tell me what’s wrong even if it was after our date time. Am I right? I think I am. I know what’s wrong, I’m sure he’s going through a hard time so move on. When he’s ready (like some of you have said) He’ll come around and if he doesn’t that’s okay to. It happens. My life isn’t stopping because of it.  I’m still keeping an eye out on mr. hottie contractor (a new one) lol but I’m not going to go forward on that he’s probably attached. They all are. Haha
I’m still reading I got your number by Sophie Kinsella, it’s soo good I’m half way through. I was going to read some more last night but I was tired and went to sleep instead. My friend finished the hunger games I definitely want to read that when I’m done this book. Maybe I should join a book club? Anyways nothing new and exciting today then again is there really anything exciting for me? My life is pretty boring…Even my weight loss is at a stall…lol
Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Ah l'amour! You're just too cute with the whole Mr. Charming thing :) Yes! Enjoy it and take your sweet time, that's how it's suppose to be I think.

    Have a wonderful weekend and don't worry about the weightloss stall, sometimes it takes a good few days for the body to catch up. You will get there