Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN!

I’m revamping because it’s not that I’m utterly failing it’s just that I am failing.(and I guess I’m not really failing because I continue to try and work toward it…but still I either go up or stay…) I stepped on the dreaded scale this morning only to have seen I’m at 163 which doesn’t surprise me because it’s 100% my fault on my wonderful binge weekend. It’s been two days and I’m still feeling the bloat though it’s gotten better throughout the day! I’m glad it’s only 4 pounds though considering I feel like an extra 20 is jiggling around in my belly.
I’ve even switched from my regular coffee this week (mostly because I haven’t gone grocery shopping and bought cream for it) to green tea with natural honey. I went to Costco with a friend yesterday and bought a huge Varity pack of oatmeal, (it was 10 bucks for 60 and at the grocery store its 4.00$ a box for 8, maybe 12?)a small watermelon (which is so juicy and yummy!) and soup because I need to start eating more soup as well as a bag of unsalted goodies (almonds, walnuts, dried cherries and cranberries, pistachio’s) which taste yummy. I want to start making my own hummus, I’m glad Friday is pay day my fridge is empty and I mean empty! Which given the fact that I’m a huge food waster I think it’s probably good my fridge is empty. (I have food don’t worry, just no fruit –other than watermelon- or veggies, which I think I’ll go buy some today.)
I don’t really have motivation for working out, not to mention my mood has been oddly mellow this week. I think I need to focus on my diet because that’s what’s failing me lately. I’m not quitting I’m just taking a different root and staying away from exercise for a while and focusing on my nutrition( I find I’m way too hungry when I workout and I over eat…)…plus I’m in game obsession mode…haha…if only I could get this obsessed about healthy eating and exercising. I gotta learn to work on the small things and NOT do everything at once.
Charming and I were discussing what to do on Wednesday.  He wants to do something more intimate…I think second “date” something intimate isn’t my cup of tea we’re still getting to know one another. So I said a walk in the park. We can hold hands there I guess that’s about as intimate as I’m going to get at this point. I can assume he means something else other than sex…but he’s a guy I don’t trust him don’t get me wrong it’s human nature to be horny but my god every guy gets a boner when their around me so it’s really not something I see and think. “Awww he likes me” it’s more like “Oh look his penis likes me” haha.
Happy Tuesday Bloggers! I should really start catching up on some of your blogs…

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  1. Your heart is in the right place and your plan sounds good!

    Yea I've been sitting my ass all morning and I really should work out myself but here am I! lol

    Let us know how it turned out. Don't worry about the scale it'll resolve itself :)