Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Keep your friends close and you’re enemies closer…

This week’s goals:  Diet.
Happy Hump day, so I get on the C-train as usual and stand in my usual corner but this morning this guy decides to look at me and ask me if I’m alright. I was looking around and my eyes were darting back in forth like I was in this dazed and confused stage. I looked at him and was like umm ya. Then continued to not look at him because I really didn’t want him to talk to me, but he decided to go on and on about stupidness with the world and be mad because some guy was wearing this red muppet hat and big head phones and he starts talking about him. The guys head phones we’re even on his head. I was awkward I’m sure everyone else was awkward and he was really really creepy and he was like this world pisses me off,  I can’t live here. And I was like why? He’s like look around you! Do you not see anything wrong with this picture?I was like umm it’s the same everywhere. Hes like yes unfortunately and when I was in Germany, in downtown Germany it’s all the same there too! ….Luckily the C-Train ride only has a few stops that I have to take. I tried ignoring him but he kept talking even when I didn’t look interested and rolled my eyes a couple of times…Must be close to a full moon?
Weight this morning: 161.5 So it’s going down nicely.
Last night I had some soup and water, after that I made a cup of green honey tea and sat down and decided to reply a couple of messages. I don’t normally like to be at the computer while I’m at home because I’m on one for 8 hours while I’m at work. But I decided to relax and reply to people. Then I went and laid and bed and read my book. Around 10pm though I was hungry, soup was never one to fill me up so I went into the kitchen grabbed a good chunk of watermelon and ate that to satisfy me until morning. It helped. I think my green tea in the morning makes me feel bloated, that’s all I’ve had so far and a cup of watermelon…
Goal weight for Sunday: Back down to 159.
P.S I have a three strike rule and I’ve decided that charming has already gotten one strike by saying “He wants alone time and to be a little more intimate” is strike one. I’m not really excited about today but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…I swear to god though if we go on this walk and then he asks “so what do you want to do now?” I’m going to be pissed. The fact that you knew we were doing this and you couldn’t take 5 minutes of your time to plan something afterwards?  I will then call it a night remove from calling him charming to just another boy :).
P.P.S remember that 911 dispatching job I applied for but didn’t past the computer testing? It reopened up, I reapplied. I also kind of miss my mommy, I should plan a visit back home…Maybe in May for my birthday! Only problem is…NOT to stress about it and over eat…We shall see.

Everyone I hope you have a wonderful day!

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