Friday, April 20, 2012

My 3 workouts until I go home!

I have accomplished 3 straight days of working out. Switching from JM BFBM and Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio, I tried to do JM no more trouble zones on Wednesday but I couldn’t get into it. So I made dinner then waited a bit and decided I still wanted to work out so I did Bob instead. I used to love Jillian, but the fact is she talks too much, and her gymnastics Barbie girls she has in her video hardly break a sweat and it’s hard to stay motivated. (I bet they do a set and take a break for the next shoot…)Their bodies aren’t even that spectacular to make me go, ooo I wanna look like that.  At least in Bob’s DVD’s his people are sweating, they stop when they need to stop and they look like normal people that aren’t kicking over their heads etc. Also Jillian talks a lot, so it gets a little distracting but I am enjoying her BFBM dvd. I used to love her, but clearly I’ve jumped ship to Team Bob! I love her podcasts though, but listening to her ramble on in a workout video is blah. That’s probably why I’m so hesitant to buy her Body Revolution considering it’s 134.00$ and in her 10 dollar dvd she talks a lot…I’d hate to see how much talking she does in these! Lol
My struggles are the weekend workouts starting Friday, so I figure what I’ll do is C25K Friday to Sunday since I want to be able to run anyways and it’s only 30 minutes, until I get myself into a habit of doing it. It’s beautiful out today and the weekend is supposed to be just as amazing. I’m going home in a couple of weeks and I really need to keep this up. I want people to tell me how amazing I look and how proud they are of me. I want to look good when I go out for my birthday with friends and WANT pictures to be taken of me. I used to LOVE my picture taken…I want to find that girl again who wasn’t camera shy because she wasn’t a fatty.
Speaking of camera’s I think I want to buy a simple point and shoot one. I know I spent 600 on a DSRL camera but it’s really big to lug around and I want a simple small camera to just take out and about with me for random pictures. I’m such a money waster…but whatever…I will get into it sooner or later…I really want to get out on Sunday though and use my awesome camera I wanted so bad and decided to spend 600.00 on lol!
Well blogger’s and stalker readers have a wonderful weekend and I’ll touch base with you all on Monday!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend! Good luck with the workouts :D