Monday, April 2, 2012

A new week!

Happy Monday to everyone, it’s a short work week for one and two I’m STILL smiling from my date on Friday. So here it is the review, We met up at starbucks for coffee, he’s very handsome, and funny also TALL. I usually date guys that are around my height. We were chit chatting losing track of time (because he had ball hockey at 8, we met up at 5.) when he looked at his watch realizing it was 7:30 and said “crap, I have to play in 30 minutes…I don’t want to go!” Which was really cute, I was like but you have to. So we get out coats on and stand at the door for a few more minutes talking (obviously stalling so the meet didn’t have to end.) finally making it to the cars, we hugged and he said. “I really want to see you again.” So there’s no waiting, there’s no wondering if he liked me or not it was just flat out said. He texted me telling me he had 5 minutes to get dressed and warmed up for ball hockey lol, most guys would have waited another day to text or later on.
We talked a bit over the weekend discussing when my next days were off. I told him next weekend (which of course is Easter weekend.) he told me he was having family over, but we could do an evening dinner thing over the weekend. This is nice he’s making room for me during a “holiday”. He wanted to do a cook me dinner than we watch a movie…I prefer to go out, only because this always ends the same way. Whenever I start seeing a guy, we’re comfortable with each other, once one of us cooks dinner at a house, we have sex, things start becoming boring. I don’t want that! I want to date, go out on dates like how a normal person would date. I don’t want to be in a comfortable stage right away, where I can just wear my track pants not even get dressed up. I don’t want him to see what I look like without makeup on (just yet) ya know? I want to for once do something that is normal and not rushed! So I’m that’s what I’m going to do.
Lets see weight loss, I’m still 158! But I’m going to try something new this week because Insanity Clearly wasn’t working well for me doing it 6 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday (workout video or insanity) Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (C25K).

I need to break the ice and get into some sort of habit by doing this. Even though I’m still at 158 (between 158-162) I can still see myself getting smaller and toner but I want to make working out part of a ritual! Like when I get obsessed and addicted to a video game, (speaking of anyone play dead island?) I want fitness to be like that. Does that sound weird? Why is it I can’t get obsessed with this and stay obsessed? So the month of April I’m going to try! With my goal to get to 155, seems easy right? It would be if I would learn to stay on track! I was thinking of getting Nutrisystem, with the amount of money I spent on food anyways I’m sure it’ll be just as much if not I may save a little more. Not to mention I hate cooking, planning meals so this might just work wonders for me! I need to read more into it though, anyone care to give me advice or an opinion on it?

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  1. Your date sounds simply magical! Yay! I agree that it's nice to savor it and move slow. I miss the beginning parts of relationships since I've been dating my man for more than five years now.

    Good luck with your goals!