Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Positive Vibes

I feel like I’ve slowly kicked into habit and the key to that success was forcing me to do 30 minute workouts on the weekend. As long as I don’t take more than one day off at a time I feel I’m good. Monday there wasn’t much of a struggle to workout I busted my ass off and even last night around 8:30pm I refused to NOT do my work out so I threw Bob in and within 10 minutes I was dripping sweat. By the end of it I felt amazing! My muscles were sore but I felt good! I come to realize that it doesn’t matter what time it is, if I haven’t done my workout I should get to it. Tonight’s workout will be JM BFBM, I enjoy going back and forth between that one and Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio. Jillian video doesn’t use weights at all, Bob’s does so it’s good.
Charming and I will finally be hanging out tonight after three weeks of not getting together. I’m not going to say anything negative though it’s hard not to…I’m just going to enjoy my time with him. I also have positive vibes that I passed my testing yesterday! I felt really good when I left and even going through the test! I can’t wait to see if my positivity was right or if it was just one of those times! Monday will probably be the latest and if I did pass the testing then I will be off to the Panel interview!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Send some fat zapping positive my way please! ;)