Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The scale sucks, but the day is beautiful!

“Like my healthy lifestyle change, when it comes to my finances I need to keep on track and learn to say no.”

It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL day today, high of 15 which makes me very happy! Unfortunately the nicest days I’m stuck working doubles and a doctor’s appointment at 3. (I wonder what my Doctor’s scale will say…)Which I need to go to since it’s been 6 months since my last Pap test. Yesterday was a huge accomplishment. I did C25K twice because I decided to jog to job number 2 to pick up my pay and back to my friend’s house. She came with me, and I realized for myself that I need to do week 2 because week 1 is too easy I barely huff and puff. I also need to not jog with my friend because she’s slow and I enjoy pushing myself and get far up ahead. I like being there to help support her and she did good yesterday but were two different fitness levels and she falls behind pretty quickly and slows me down. Which is fine because I’m sure me being where I’m at frustrates her as it does me being where she is? It’s just how it is. She’s more of a hot yoga girl and I’m more of a cardio intense girl. She’s a treadmill girl, I’m an outside running girl…because the truth is I feel like a hamster that wants to blow my head off running on a treadmill lol!  I also did week three insanity fitness test and here are my results.

Week 2:
Switch kicks: 105 (+5)
Power Jacks 50 (+10)
Power Knees 70 (+10)
Power Jumps: 34 (+14)
Globe Jumps: 5 (-2) haha whoops LOL
Suicide Jacks: 10 (+2)
Push up Jacks: 20 (+8)
Low Plank Oblique’s: 25 per leg (+5 each)

That’s a total of 1.5 hours of working out. The scale hasn’t budge at all for I’m putting it away for now and just working towards thoughts and feelings again, but it’s still frustrating. I know I can see myself slimming down and clothes are getting really loose but still I want to see that damn number go down! A friend of mine sent me a link to a new workout program Jamie Eason’s Live fit trainer. I’m going to do some research on it especially meals and try it. I’m never one to stick to a program but maybe that’s my problem, I can’t stand cooking half the time so precooking food for the week has been a pretty lame process I haven’t been able to start…Since I have this whole weekend off, maybe I’ll start…We shall see!

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  1. I've never done well with a workout partner. I prefer to do it alone too. I do set aside time to workout with my boyfriend who isn't as fit as me but it's more of companionship thing than a real workout for me :) I just like to motivate him!

    The scale is being annoying to me but it's more my fault than anything else hah!

    Have a wonderful day! Great job getting your workouts in!