Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Disclaimer: the title has nothing to do with my post.
This morning 157.5! Yep I finally passed 159; which is nice because it gets a little depressing when you see the same number on the scale for weeks! I didn’t do C25K on the weekend but I did do JM ripped in 30 on Friday, rest on Saturday and on Sunday JM 30 day shred. So I did do dreadful workouts on the weekend I had to force myself but in the end I felt good that I did them! I’m proud I did them! So let’s see if I can keep this up!
Yesterday I did my JM BFBM video, I had coffee right before I did the workout and it upped my energy so much that I pushed through, kept up and even started the next move before they did because I knew what it was. I felt good, and was flying high. I then blasted some music and danced around my apartment in my underwear and a white t-shirt ha-ha. I felt sexy, it was great!
Today I have my dispatching test again at 4. I’m not really worried if I pass it or not. Truth is if I do GREAT, if I don’t then clearly it’s not the career for me. I’m not worried. I think Charming and I are doing something tomorrow. He hasn’t really mentioned anything and either have I. Seems like lately it’s me texting him and not both of us…I got a huge compliment last night I posted a new picture of me after soo long and this guy messaged me telling me how amazing beautiful I was. Lol We “met” off a dating website but haven’t officially met yet. Because I’m fickle and it was cold out, but he wants to take me out…so I figure now that it’s nice out why the hell not! Haha. We haven’t made plans yet I just returned his message. He works in the rigs, so he’s home for a few weeks then gone for a few weeks at a time. So we’ll see how that goes! I really want to get out to the ZOO this weekend…maybe we can go there?!
Anyways all, I have nothing more to report! Other than I have this urge to pimp up my blog…haha.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Congratulations on passing that mark! I have a number that I have a hard time passing to and hopefully I can be like you and beat it!

  2. Awesome job, you look great! 155-ish was my lowest weight as an adult and I can't wait to get back to that region again!