Saturday, May 12, 2012

158 and TOM?!?!!?!?

Those are not my feet though I do like the colour of the nail polish but this is what my scale said this morning...and guess what?! TOM is here (sort spot...)...geez it feels like she went away not to long ago and is now back again! But this is good...158 and TOM...would explain my cranky mood and over eating this week but hey I'm still under 160 so I'm going to take it!!! Besides makes me happy I won't be on my period the week I'm at home!

I'd like to dream that this weight right now is my 5 pounds plus and when this is all over I'll be down to 154!!! Do you know how awesome that would be?! if I met my goal of 155 for next Friday and when I go home to see my family?! It would be AMAZING! I don't know we shall see!!! I am going to the zoo tomorrow with no spark guy, I'm excited I have never been to the Calgary Zoo and I've lived out here for 4 years!!! It's going to be a beautiful weekend so I'm going to enjoy it and get some amazing pictures! woot woot! I really have nothing else to say other than my wonderful scale news...tho I know tomorrow is my official weigh in day I had to weigh in as soon as I started spotting haha. 

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Awesome! I hope you have a big woosh afterward and meet your goal, some people think TOM is a perfect time to get in extra workouts to drop the pounds. I haven't tested the theory myself yet (TOM makes me sluggish as all hell), but it sounds promising! Have a great time at the zoo and take pics!