Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Anyone wanna do a Biggest Loser Challenge?

Dear bloggers: I need a challenge…I’ve stalled or should I say I’ve maintained at 160. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it, hell I’d still rock a bikini because I think I look sexy with a little bit of curves but 140 is still a long way and I believe my problem is because I’ve accepted myself at 160 it’s hard for me mentally to move past this. Which I guess is great but at the same time I want to be lower. My inner selves are fighting with each other and the maintainer side of me seems to be winning. I got dressed for the gym yesterday and guess what? I didn’t go, I even went outside and brought my garbage out and STILL I went back down to my apartment sat my lazy butt on the couch and didn’t bother.
So I want a biggest loser challenge, I need competition. Maybe that’s going to be my problem in the long run because I eventually just need to do this, but it becomes hard when I have absolutely no support out here, no buddy system no nothing. It’s really just me. I know I can’t depend on people and I have to do this for myself but it becomes harder and sometimes I’m really just sick and tired of having to always do something for myself without a buddy system. You know what I mean? I feel like all my life I’ve had to do things alone and struggle alone and right now I don’t want that for this.
So if you want to do this let me know! Weigh in’s will be in on Sundays since it’s my only day off and the day I’ll likely remember!


  1. I'd love to do a challenge! I used to host them back when I blogged on 3FC, but now I've been too busy to start a new one. Didi, Goodnuff, and Jewlz have been known to like a good challenge too, maybe you should drop them a comment about it? Well let me know and I'll be looking out for it!

  2. Also Gertie and Jitterfish, but both of them are really busy with school and work, so I dk if they would have time, but I see you follow Gertie, and Jitterfish is on my blogroll. Lol, just let me know if you want to me round some folks up! haha!

  3. I'm almost out for summer break... in 3 days akk! :) So yea I'm in need for some MAJOR motivation! Awesome idea! Count me in! :)