Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blah hump day!

Turbo: Thanks for liking it! The campfire photo’s had to do with my shutter speed! I’m not really up to date with how I did it my friend set it for me and I just played around with it. As well with the help of the ground because once you start getting into shutter mode you need a try pod or a very sturdy hand haha!
I’m taking a break from working out! Why? because I can! I have a massage appointment today at 3:30 which I’m happy about I’m so tense and blah lately that I need it! Today is a beautiful day out so I’m trying to be cheery and happy but really I’m pissed and blah. I don’t know why? Maybe it’s the stress of going home next week? Which I’m excited about but…I can feel the stress hitting me now. I’ll just keep track of calories this week, stay under 1500 I should be fine for Sunday’s weigh in. I’m definitely staying away from the scale until Sunday!
I still have a lot of photos to go through for my page. I should probably sit down and have a relaxing night doing that tonight and just work on my photo page and worry about everything else tomorrow!
Have a happy Hump day!

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