Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Blah Tuesday

I think I’m just going to maintain here for a while. This is really depressing and I’m really moody today and NOT in the mood to worry about weight loss or working out. It’s such a beautiful day out but today I gotta work both of my jobs it totally sucks. I’m in this rut, I’m still waiting to hear back as to WHEN my interview is. I think the scale just depressed me this morning!

Friday No Spark canceled which I was super happy about given the fact that I was soo exhausted from Acupuncture that I was out like a light by 8pm that night. He wanted to reschedule for Saturday but of course the place closed at 5 and I was working that day and didn’t know what time I was going to finished. He mentioned we could do a stay in and watch a movie and I was like not happening. (Movie nights usually mean make out sessions and sex) I’m really not that into him to invite him over to my place to watch a movie.  Saturday I did my 30 minute workout, then went out to a buffet at an Indian restaurant which was amazing by the way!

Sunday was my weigh in 157!!! I was happy about that The Bow River clean up and all though I was home by one in the afternoon I wanted to work on my photo’s and add more to my photography page, instead of going out and doing something. I think my page is coming along nicely! 20 likes and one was from a random person! I just need 10 more than apparently I can do more with my page! So like it! facebook.com/dysfunctionalbarbiephotography :) Don’t worry I can only see you liked it, I can’t see anything on your page because we’re not friends. :P

I got a picture of the harvest moon it was really pretty. I attempted to workout yesterday only to have done two circuits from JM BFBM then quit, I was kind of full and my body was just like “ugh stop moving around so much.” I think a nap is in order after job one, before job two….Then tomorrow I may feel better and get back into working out, or hell I may even shock myself tonight around 8:30 and work out. Who knows…all I know is NAP TIME once I get home for an hour…

Anyone else having a blah Tuesday?! Have a wonderful rest of the day all!

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