Thursday, May 17, 2012

The countdown is on…

Well given the fact the scale is up because of TOM of course past the 160 mark (163-165), I didn’t make my 155 goal for this week. Will I get a big woosh at the end of it all and finally pass 158? I don’t think so, and I don’t feel like having my hopes for it to be ruined when the scale says…haha 158 still suckaaaaaa! Not that my scale can talk or anything..I Wish it did, I wonder what type of things the little asshole would say to me?  
I’m super excited for tomorrow when I get home at midnight, I’m a little stressed and sometimes I still feel like that 180 pound girl I was two years ago, but the truth is the weight I’m at now is the weight I was at when I moved to Calgary in 2008. So those people I haven’t seen I 4 years are not going to see the fat girl in me, they’re going to see the girl they always knew. Which is something I need to remember, and I’m sure I’ll be getting compliments from my family so I need to not stress so much!
Saturday I’m going to start C25K I’ve had a two week break from working out and it’s time to get back into! Besides it’ll be good to start running while I’m at home, there’s something about my small little home town that makes me be able to run for long periods of a time. So I think it’ll be perfect and a nice easy process to get back into it and before I know it, I’ll be back home in Calgary running routes here as well!
Ah more people than I expected want to see me when I come home, I would honestly love to see them all but my priorities are Mom and Dad and my 3 BBF’s and one other friend. I also need to stop by and see someone at my old Hospital job, because I want to see if I can use him as a reference and two it’d be good to do a little catching up with him. I may have to throw a small get together with the other people which would actually be nice considering I don’t really have many friends out in Calgary or really do much. Of course it’s by choice because I could easily just get out there and go do things but I’m so lazy…I’m even too lazy to meet new people haha..
I also plan on sending out my resume all next week to different jobs. I’m tired of working two jobs and I want to make more money, so since I’m off all next week resume sending will be perfect opportunity as well. I’m going to have a busy, productive week!
Happy Thursday all!

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  1. Good luck with starting C25K and enjoy your visit with your family.