Friday, May 4, 2012

damn you donut!

It comes to no surprise that that tiny delicious beast is what I shouldn’t have ate or else I would have been only 100 calories over 1500 instead of 400…As you guessed it I ate over my calorie intake. Whoops but on a POSITIVE note my exercises are becoming a habit! I have been able to keep up with them even forcing myself on the weekends to get in a short workout has been alright!
Today’s food plan:
6:00 – Green tea with Honey (60) ½ cup of cottage cheese and strawberries (160) = 220
9:00 – Two packages of instant oatmeal (280) ½ cup of 2% milk (70), Yogurt (35) = 385
10:30 – 5 veggie crackers (110), 2 table spoons of cream cheese (80), cucumbers (10) = 200
12:00 – Pizza Pockets (460) I know not the healthiest! But I really didn’t feel like cooking for lunch today!
Total:  1265
I don’t have dinner planned yet, but given the fact I have 235 calories left for dinner. I may make soup (210) and a salad (40) which would be good before I head out to archery! I have acupuncture at 3:30 until 4:30 I’ll head home and do Jillian Michaels (one of her 30 minute DVD’s) eat, then get ready since he’s not off work until 6:30 or 7:00. I’m letting him pick me up this time simply because I don’t feel like driving all the way down south for this and two I always wanted to be picked up for a date like they do in the movies haha.
Remember (charming) or as I now call him Twat? He text me and I pretty much confronted him on everything because I told him I had a date tomorrow. He said he wasn’t pleased about that. I said it’s been a month and EVERYTIME we we’re suppose to hang with the exception of our first meet you had an “Emergency!” I’m starting to think you’re married and hiding it and that I wasn’t going to stop dating when the opportunity came because who knows If it was going to be another month before I saw him.  He said he wasn’t married or involve. I said then what it is? Bad karma horrible timing what would you think if this was constantly happening to you with a girl you wanted to see?
He said he’d trust them until they gave him a reason not to. I told him I was following my gut instinct and if my gut instinct is stronger than my head telling me to trust someone I’m going to go with that! He said he was sorry that his mother’s illness was such an inconvience to me. I said don’t make me sound like a bitch here that’s not what I meant, it’s not just with your mother two weeks ago your friend killed herself, one time you got into a fender bender…makes it look like there’s a lot of excuses here because someone doesn’t want to put any effort into thing.
He said he wasn’t playing games here, and if he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t keep trying. (not that he’s really trying AT ALL, but I didn’t say that.) I said FINE, if you’re apparently NOT playing games then do something with me this weekend. He said he had to see if he was filming. Haha whatever, I have no thoughts on this one because I know it’s not going to happen and two if it does it’s he better plan something epic because cooking me dinner is not cool, not wanting to take me out is not cool…not spending money on me is not cool! (I’m not a gold digger and I’d gladly go out and do something free like a walk in the park with no spark guy…lol I know horrible name. but with twat it seems like he doesn’t want to spend money and if you’re a 36 year old broke ass I don’t want you either. Lol) As well if he was smart he’d step up his game because he obviously has some competition ;) bahaha I’m evil…

Clean up the bow river which will be so much fun! I’m going to bring my camera too and just get pictures of everything! Speaking of I finally set up my facebook photography page! feel free to like it! I’m not the best at photography I’m pretty amateur and some of the shots I messed around with on my Photoshop to enhance the colour and stuff. I’ll never become a professional but it’s just really fun and I think it’s a healthy great hobbies to get into!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You know, I say trust your gut, too. If your gut is saying something is up, more than likely it is. Could all that stuff have really happened to him? Sure, sometimes when it rains it pours. We ALL have bad weeks/months/years... but even if he is going through all of this, maybe right now isn't the right time for you two. Maybe later. And that's what I would've told him -- I would've just said look, you gotta lot going on. Contact me in a few months when things chill and if I'm available, we'll hang. If not, well, then it's just not meant to be.

    On another note... damn donuts. I can resist just about everything but a donut!!!

  2. I agree with Jewels, if there wasn't anything wrong, you wouldn't have those inklings in the first place.

    And besides if a guy is NOT playing games, he would have contacted you every single day and had given you updates on what was happening wether it may be his mother's illness, his friend's tragic event or his fender bender. He would have had you involved in all those events and not just disappeared in the face of the earth.Does that make sense?

    It sounds to me that he's caught up in his web and he's making you feel guilty about it -- that's just a whole lot of BS

    I sound like a man-hater :-P but I know a player when I see one. A good relatinship is drama free and this guy from the sound of it is full of it LOL

  3. I agree with you guys, he would have kept me updated and not contacted me 5 days later like I predicted. Too bad for him I don't care about him so his "guilt" trips don't work on me! lol Gertie don't worry about sounding like a man hater...I'm totally one so I love it when others are too! lol

  4. hmm... that donut looks sooo soo tempting! I don't blame ya! I would have fallen a victim too! But, eating a donut once in awhile is good for you ^_^ B/c it make you happy! And, you can always use a little bit of happiness! ^__^ haha

    Also, I didn't know you are a photographer!?! That is amazing! ^__^ I own a camera. But that pretty much it. I do admire people who can take picture ^_^