Thursday, May 10, 2012


Good morning ladies! (and gents)
I’m in a good mood today! I actually woke up this morning excited because I thought it was Friday…lol okay so it’s only Thursday but whatever! I had my massage yesterday it hurt like hell! But I can still feel the kinks so I’m going to book another appointment in three weeks! Calories were a bust yesterday I decided to have a pity party for myself with Wendy’s burger, poutine and a pop… But that’s okay! I think I needed that pity party and that massage because today I feel GREAT! I was going to step on the scale to see the damage but then I looked in the mirror and said “I look thin today!” so I went with that and walked away from the scale!
I’d like the say I’m doing great calorie wise this morning and from the way I calculated it all…I should be on track today!  I’m still on a not working out strike for this week. I will get back into it next week and then I get to go home for a week and enjoy a nice relaxing time away from work! I reapplied at the hospital; I’m hoping the second time is a charm for that one to! I’m still waiting for my email to tell me when my interview is for the dispatching job as well!
I really really really need to start living off one pay and putting away money from my second job pay like it doesn’t even exist. You know discipline is not my strong suite especially when it comes to money…Apparently it isn’t when it comes to food either. Heh…Either way I have to start or else I’m always going to be stuck in the never ending BS…so my goal is by the time I’m 30 to be clear of debt! That’s three years, I need to start like 6 months ago…lol
Have a wonderful Thursday!


  1. Eh, I think sometimes you just need a break from the annoying dieting! I took sort of a relaxed day yesterday and weighed today and I was the same! :D So, you never know... the day off might have been just exactly what you needed. I'm just glad to read that you're feeling better. Now if you could just get the rest of those kinks out!

    As far as saving goes, you won't believe how much it will change your life to pay off debt and build up your savings. We were debt free at one point, then we went into remodeling our house and found some major damage that had to be repaired. At the time, we decided to use credit to do the repair instead of sinking our savings all into it. For us, it worked out the best, BUT, now we are back to having debt. However, we hope to pay that off soon... I can't wait! So, good luck on it. The best way to stay motivated (at least for me) is to look at family members around you (especially those who are older) who aren't in the best shape financially. It will really make you want to not be there when you're older! Good luck!

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