Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May 1st!

I love the start of a new month! Its feels more refreshing then a start of a new day! I got my test results back for that Career I’m trying to get into and I met the requirements! I have a lot of paper work to fill out I don’t have the testing day yet, I think they give people a certain amount of time to withdrawal if they haven’t been 3 years clear of  any criminal or drug abuse etc..
I was down to 159 last night and for some reason up this morning? Ah well. I managed to get a workout in before work, made healthy delicious omelets for breakfast and a nicely intimated chop salad like at the restaurant for lunch today. Today I have another long day, work, dentist, job #2 and then sometimes around 8:30 pm get in a workout. I might just do a 30 minute Jillian today instead of a 45 minutes video. Depends on how I feel at 8:30. I still will need to make my lunch for the next day.
I’m starting to do my make up a lot more which is helping a lot with my confidence level. Not saying I’m ugly without it, just saying I’m much prettier with it. Plus the dark make up I wear around my green eyes makes them look so much more magnetic and intimating to people haha!


  1. Congrats on meeting the requirements for your new career direction! Good luck with everything.

    I remember at my peak height I actually spent a lot of time on my physical appearance in terms of hair and make-up to try to get a bit more confidence. Nowadays, I think I wear a little less make up and I'm ok with that and actually think I look great without it.

    I love green eyes! I have boring brown.

  2. haha truth is I spend maybe 10 minutes if that to throw on makeup and do my hair. I've never been able to take hours on end to do something, especially when it's 5 in the morning. :P