Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I’m happy happy happy today and there is no reason as to why really. I’m above 160 on the scale, I over ate last night, I’m on my period and in two days I’m going to be home seeing my parents and my wonderful friends. I’m super stoked about that, one of my friends is having a bon fire Saturday night she really wants me to go. But it’s the first night  I’m home with the parents. I don’t know more than likely I’ll end up going because I’ll be with my mom and dad, possibly my sister all day and I’d really like to see my friend. If I don’t see her at her bon fire though I’ll meet up with her Sunday for lunch. I then have 3 more of my BFF’s I need to hang out with, mostly two of them will be during the week while my parents are working so I don’t cut into parent’s quality time and my most amazing girl friend ever I will do a sleep over at her house. Don’t get me wrong all my girls are amazing it’s just two of them I won’t do sleep over’s for and I can hang out with them all day since they don’t really work.
I have nothing else to say, I hope everyone is having a magnificent day!

P.S Is anyone else having a week where they think every day so far has been Friday?!

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