Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home made pizzas!

MY BRA BROKE! I knew that was going to happen eventually, I just didn’t think today! So now I’m at work braless. At least my work shirts are baggy so it’s not that noticeable or is it? Probably isn’t I’m just being insecure about it because I know it…but they don’t look perky so it’s annoying me.
My day yesterday wasn’t as brutally long as I thought it was going to be! One of the Dr’s patients cancelled so I was out by 8 which made me happy, but I ended up getting sick as soon as I got home from the dentist I was in the bathroom. My friend grabbed me food and brought it to me since she was going to be around the area which was awesome of her! I had Opa’s chicken pita wrap with taziki sauce, lettuce, jalapeño’s and tomatoes as well as a ceaser salad, not too bad but I was so angry at myself earlier on because I had a mars bar and half a can of Pepsi! I went completely emotional almost cried cause I was so made and honestly saw myself like I would if I was 400 pounds. Later on I got even more upset because no one loves me and my success with men has been bullshit. So I went home, popped in JM BFBM didn’t push myself but I workout for 30 minutes before running a nicely candle lit bubble bath to relax in. I felt much better after that, I think I was just tired and in my head too much.
I’m going to start calorie counting again tomorrow. Goal is 1500 a day. To continue with my workouts like I’ve been doing and see how that goes!
I also need to grocery shop today after work, but really I just want a nap…But I have to head to the bank, then buy food (I’m thinking homemade pizza’s tonight). Anyone else have any ideas on what else to buy for food?!


  1. LOL your first sentence made me laugh because I thought the post was going to begin with pizzas... Hope you get a replacement soon! My boobs are sadly small now so its not noticeable if I go braless.. :(

    I hope you feel better today because we all have days where we just want to feel bad for ourselves. Pick yourself up with something nice for yourself!

    Fruits and vegetable are looking amazing recently so I've been really enjoying a variety of plant based dishes.

  2. No replacement, I've went a whole day without support for the girls. Luckily I'm home soon so it won't even matter. I think I need to get a lot more fruit in my diet to control my sugar cravings!

  3. My main food staples are whole grain stuff like low calorie tortillas, wheat bread, oatmeal with added fiber and low fat dairy like yogurt and cottage cheese. I try to get plenty of fiber in because it really keeps me regular and less bloated. My favorite thing is fiber bars, like fiber one and kellogs antioxidant fiber bars. They make a great substituition for candy bars and are low calorie. Good luck on the shopping trip!

  4. Hey! :)
    Good luck on the 1500 calories goal! ^__^
    Try eating a lot of fruits and drinking 8 cups of water a day, and I'm sure that will make it easier on your stomach when your doing 1500s!

    And, I like your picture quote! I think there is a truth in it. Sometime, doing the wrong thing does get you to the right places... but you probably have a lot of luck on your side! xD haha

  5. It's better then breaking your shoe!! Haha, at least you can hide it. =)

    Hmmm, for food shopping I stay around the perimeter of the store. Why? Because that's where the fresh foods are!! Some shopping staples are lean ground beef - which can easily be made into burgers, avocado - homemade quacamole is the bomb, and fruit - for when you have the sweet tooth!

    Btw, I'm a new follower. Check out my blog when you get the chance!!