Monday, May 28, 2012

Refreshed and feels like a million bucks!

Ontario had amazing weather all week, I had a family BBQ and then hit up a bon fire with a friend at another friends house. My friend seemed a little peeved that I haven’t really spoken to her in 4 years and when I did come home for 6 months I didn’t tell her. I tried not to tell anyone that I came back except for the people I knew for years…I was at my lowest point those 6 months and really fat, I really didn’t want to see anyone who knew me when I was thin that would judge me. Anyways, it was an amazing week I felt relax, I wasn’t worried or had anxiety because in the then this is the first trip in years that I’ve been completely 100% free from my psycho ex and it was amazing. I went out with friends, got amazing pictures, hung out with family and in the end got sort of a shocker…
So when I lived at home for the 6 month period I was working at Tim Hortons and there was this VERY and when I say VERY I mean VERY sexy guy who came in every morning at 7 am! I called him the 7 am hottie because I never knew his name. So for months I admired him, and then stupidly said to the girls I liked him. Of course being the big mouths that they are he knew and I shyed away. Anyways my last day there (because I was moving out west to Calgary after the weekend at my grandma’s) I got the nerve to ask him out! I know right last day in Ontario what was going through my head?! So I said to him (and right now I’m sitting at my desk smiling like an idiot because I remember it as if it was yesterday.) “I was wondering if you wanted to go out for drinks tonight!?” oh boy was I ever red and freaking out on the inside and he said “hmm tonight I can’t, but give me your number and I’ll give you a call.” Of course being a nervous wreck I ran to the back and wrote it down on a piece of paper instead of just telling him my number to program into his phone! I gave him the paper and was like “wait…what’s your name?” and I finally got it! I was happy but took what he said as a nice rejection which either way I was perfectly fine with because well…I never had to see him again! That is why I waited my very last day! haha
I didn’t even hear from him that weekend before I changed my phone number. So anyways My friend Asha who is probably Peeved at me for not visiting her, ran into him while I was in town. (This is TWO years later…) and told him I was back and gave him my number. Of course this isn’t going to be some romantic omg he’s the one cause he totally just wanted a booty call which I’m TOTALLY fine with because well omg he’s sexy and I live in Calgary and he’s like the hottest guy I’ve ever wanted of course I don’t say that to him haha. So I’m sitting on the couch at my parents house playing something on the computer and I get a random text. Of course the night before I had a birthday dinner with friends (I didn’t shy away from the camera at all but damn I looked so bad in pictures haha!) I send out a random message to people on FB inviting whoever wanted to show up to come and gave my number so of course I was just thinking it was one of those people. He then told me his name and I thought it was my friend from High school because they have the same name! but it was 7 am hottie!! He made a sexual comment about me wanting him and I was just like…”Umm maybe two years ago dude..” lol ball buster! I loved it, but I told him he was too late because I’m leaving the next day and I have plans tonight so I couldn’t see him. Actually I could have to be honest, but I didn’t feel like shaving and getting all cutesy up for him so I told him I’ll save his number for the next time I was in town and hit him up. Lol Turns out after a couple of weeks he had asked Asha for my number again and she told him I was gone. She said he seemed disappointed haha.  He waited two years to text me so what’s another year? Lol actually I might go back in October because I had such a blast this time around…and the end of the world is “supposedly” coming which I know isn’t but that whole “just in case” I want to see my parents twice this year lol.
So here I am back in Calgary and though No Spark guy has been stalking my facebook crazily and liking ALL my status comments he hasn’t text me. I think it’s his ploy to make me text him but I really don’t want to. I haven’t really heard from any of the douches since I went away and you know what it’s been really GREAT! I did though sign back up to POF, I figure why not it’ll help me work on my communications skills with guys and my shyness so why the heck not! It’s nicer out these days anyways.  …I’m bored! And I finally had new pictures of myself so I thought why the hell not! I after having a great week of going out every night and being social I thought I’d come back here and do the same! So far I’ve only chatted with one cute guy and I dislike his name because all the guys with that name turn out to be douches and if you’re wondering which name here it is…MIKES!!!! Yep and Chris’ usually I try and stay away from too! Lol
Scale news…160 as of yesterday which means I haven’t really gained since I’ve been battling between 158-163 anyways and given the fact I ate out a lot while I was home and hardly ate healthy, I’ll be happy with the 160! I’m getting back into routine today and actually hitting the gym and start with this workout” haha given my fails of committing we’ll see how long I stick this out before going F this. Haha.
Well that’s all the news I have! Happy Monday Bloggers!


  1. Neat story! Funny how it is such a small world!

  2. Glad you had such a wonderful trip and feel so good. It's always great to have a trip like that when you REALLY need it! And then all the little stuff that happened... well, that just made it more fun! LOL

    Good luck on the working out. I tend to have a hard time with 'organized' workouts and tend to do better with free-form stuff so I understand the feeling of failing to commit. Hopefully you will find something or even parts of it that work for you. That is sorta what I've done. I've taken part of Pilates and Stretching and made them into a short workout that works for me. And I've been tweaking my lifestyle to just be more active instead of 'formal' cardio. Although I do love my treadmill, I just can't get to it right now. Literally... it's cornered under construction stuff in our garage! :O