Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sunday is the last day!

I started calorie counting again yesterday 2369 calories for the day. Yikes and I wonder why I’m not seeing the scale budge! I haven’t worked out either this week. Hehe bad me…
So far I have six people for this loser challenge thing including me in that number. Pepa round up some more girls/guys!!! If we can get 4 more people that will be 9 so three groups of 3 people!!! Woo hoo. I know I slacked a bit. I also have an email buddy who doesn’t blog who would like to join..hmm does that make things difficult? I don’t know, I guess I can just throw her on my team right away and record mine and her weigh in’s on my blog. She only has 6 pounds to lose she said she'd try and join.
I have just asked Jewlz and another girl I forget her name but she hasn’t blogged since last week Wednesday so we’ll see. I’m a little excited to get this started up. It makes things better when there is competition not necessarily easier!
So I’m giving everyone until Saturday night, sunday morning if they want to join! I will then create the groups on Sunday so we can get this started for Monday!
Happy bloggings!!


  1. Good luck with your challenge!

  2. I left comments on a few peoples blogs to let them know about the challenge and linked to your page. Hopefully you'll get a few responses! Can't wait to hear what you have in mind for us!

  3. Thanks for the invite! However, I don't normally do challenges. I lose too slowly. LOL Plus, I'm don't know if I would consider what I'm doing as 'dieting'. Overall, it's been a lifestyle change and figuring out what is working for me. So, don't think I'd be good for this type of challenge and afraid I'd hold you guys back! But thanks for the invite and I will for sure be following! :D

  4. Count me in! I'd love to do a challenge! You can find my blog here: