Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will the numbers stay low?!

Calorie counting starts again today and I feel like I’m arguing with myself to have a Denver on white (which is an egg with ham and onion in it) with cheese or instant oatmeal. I went with the Denver…and added a cookie on to that. I know I know what the fuck, but it’s like when I get hungry I want to eat. I usually have self control over the cookies just because they never taste as epic as they look but today I didn’t.
6:00- Green Tea with Honey – 60 Cals, ½ cup of cottage cheese with strawberries 140 cals, and a yogurt 35 cals.
9:00- Denver on white with cheese – 290 cals , ketchup - 45 cals, cookie - 210 cals
12:00- Pizza – 500 calories
Calorie intake before Dinner: 1280 which I’m fine with considering my acupuncturist told me I need to have my breakfast and lunch main meals and dinner a small one. I also have a workout to fit in, so of course I’ll be burning some calories off. I think I’ll plan for soup and a salad tonight for dinner.
17:00 – soup -210 and salad with dressing 80 which brings my total to 1570 which isn’t too bad! Unless I forget about the salad and just eat the soup we’ll see depending on how hungry I am after my work out! Yesterday I over ate but did my Bob DVD which was good, but man do I feel bloated today…My clothing is even fitting me differently it sucks, but I’m the only one to blame for over eating though so shame on me!
I have a date tomorrow with the No Spark guy and I kind of think a guy at work is pretty cool and we flirt and chit chat he’s works with me but in a different department. Guess I’m out of a rut…wait have I even been in a rut? Maybe more of a douchebag rut…lol maybe not anymore? I’ll keep you all posted!
P.S No Spark boy wants to take me to an archery range and fire off bow and arrows! Soooo cool! I’m totally game for that!

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