Saturday, June 9, 2012

BL teams~

Don't forget to weigh in tomorrow. :)

I saw 156 on the scale for a quick second on Thursday but of course I stepped back on and it was at 159. TOM is here and I'm 158 this morning so...*Fingers crossed* This time around I get a nice woosh. 
I got really drunk on Thursday night...lesson learned never ever ever will I do that again. It's one of those things where I did something stupid and went for a walk after I got home, I don't remember most of the night but I remember a specific thing that happened during my walk...lets just say My grandpa was definitely watching over me that night, because I got home safe with only bruises and nothing else...

Which had me wake up at 6:10...I had to be at work for 6am I didn't know where my phone was, I emailed my supervisor and asked him to call me a cab. Got to work at 7, he looked at me and laughed cause he thought I was in my Pj's. He told me to grab some breakfast and when I went back downstairs to eat he said "breath on me" I did and he sent me home. He wasn't mad, he sympathized, he said if it was a random party I went to not the work function he'd be pissed. Another employee called in sick. Hey at least I made it in!! My super said that at some point in the night I placed my Cell in his hand and said "Put that  in my bag please!" and thats where it was, in my bag...THANK GOD! 

I think I'm still paying for the after affect of Thursday right now tho...So here I am, Saturday morning still standing, alive and not hurt and soo mad at myself! You have no idea how friggen disappointed I am with myself, but whatever. At least I'm not hurt and I'm alive...

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