Monday, June 18, 2012

blah blah blah

My post today represents this prepared for a yawn fest.

Winner blog is up!
I think this week sometime I find out if I make it to the next stage. The boy I’ve been talk to you (or should say man) for two weeks comes home from his job today for one week. He works on the Rigs so it’s 3 weeks on, 1 week off. So if by some chance we we’re to progress into anything (not any time soon but eventually) then we’d have to have super amazing communication skills because he is gone for 3 weeks at a time.  I also managed to piss of Douchey Mcdouche haha on purpose too and had fun doing it to the point he gave me the silent treatment hahaha. (Don’t ask why he’s still around…) I finally got my oil change went to Mr. Lube most expensive oil change ever, oh well needed to be done. I think I have a small leak in my tire which I need to get the hole filled. I might head over to fountain tire today to do it. All these shops are by my house, I wish a Toyota Dealership was too but no there all over the god damn city far away.
Sunday was a lazy day I slept until 12:45 which is unusual because I’m always up before nine and that was from an 11pm bedtime. I actually woke up at 7:30 and forced myself back to bed which is always a bad idea because it makes me lazy and sleepy the whole day.  I then binged after my weighed in, sat around watched criminal minds all day (gotta love A&E marathons) and did two loads of laundry, made dinner then washed some dishes. I for once slept through the whole night! I always wake up at least once in the middle of the night and I didn’t wake up until 2 minutes before my alarm went off. I thought I was going to miss the bus because I didn’t get out of my house until 5:30 luckily it was a new driver and it ran a little behind. I didn’t even run to the bus stop because I didn’t feel like having my bag flop around while I ran and somehow my left strap would have broke because it’s almost completely ripped off. I should go buy a new bag tonight while I go do some grocery shopping.
I feel like I’m starting my period (even though I just finished it) my moods are out of wack, I’m on edge and the slightly sound of things are really pissing me off. Like the paper shredder guys who come through the doors with their big bins keep slamming them on the ground and it echos. I literally want to walk over to them, rip off their heads and be like “DUDE, PLACE THEM DOWN QUIETLY, or don’t fucking come in the building until you learn to!” and cravings yesterday for anything sweet…I’m totally backwards here!
It was sunny first thing this morning, now the clouds are rolling in again. Calgary = Rain all friggen month! I only have half day on Wednesday due to my hospital appointment, nothing serious. I have my cook book that I bought a while back since I need to do some grocery shopping I’m going to go through it today and plan my meals for this week that way I’m all set and ready to go instead of eating out a lot. (not that I’ve been bad) I did enjoy KFC on Saturday along with cherry cheese cake and ice cream. Sorry team I’m sure I would have been lower than what I was if I stayed on track I would have been down more :P. Ah well we won anyways haha.
Okay I’m done my useless rambling…my life is not very interesting at the moment either. Happy Monday!

P.S I'm drinkin coffee tasting water because I forgot my water bottle at home and I'm drinking out of my coffee mug...even though I washed it...Kind of gross but I refuse to spend money on a bottle of water since they're over priced here anyways...


  1. LOL @ the coffee mug, remind me when you get water out of the soda fountain and it has that lemonade-y taste to it! Hope your mood improves, I've been there too and it can make a normal day hard to handle! Congrats on TBL, way to go!

  2. It sure makes it hard to keep your water intake up too thats for sure! My day is almost over but now it's starting to rain :( damn company for making me take the bus...