Thursday, June 21, 2012

The case for....

Calorie Intake: 1635
Weight: 156.5
Workout: If you count 20 minutes of running around the hospital trying to figure out where to go…

I have re-written this post three times and by the end of the day my Calorie intake will be up to 1745 which means I MUST MUST MUST get the fuck outside for a workout. Maybe I’ll drive around to find a park, I seem to have more motivation to work up a sweat when I’m in a park atmosphere instead of jogging on the side walk. At least in a park when I stop I’ll do push up’s, burpees, jump up and down off benches, jumping jacks then force myself to run again. This is where I miss my old area because there was a park to do that.

I got results back from my interview last week. I did not make it to the next stage. I’m sort of bummed about it but whatever. I probably won’t re-apply when it opens up again because I don’t really feel like disclosing anything about my life and being vulnerable like I had to be in that paper work. So much stress, definitely not worth it, and I know they say third time is a charm but meh on to something else!

A guy at work who is very religious let me borrow a book called The Case for Christ, I think I might give that a read. It’s a Journalist’s personal investigation of the evidence for jesus. I remember I once wanted to explore all the types of religions and learn about them so maybe with this book I’ll start that today.

Anyways happy Thursday all!

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