Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cute but psycho so things even out

I didn’t step on the scale this morning and I lost track of my calories last night. I’ve decided to stop drinking the protein shake in the morning since it’s high in calories and really doesn’t stop me from being hungry an hour later so I no longer see a point in wasting a bunch of calories on that first thing in the morning. I’m also really bloated because of the amount of sodium I took in last night from eating a small container of egg salad from the grocery store, 4 small buns and some chicken. Lol It was very tasty.
So really my coffee is disgusting how anyone could drink this crap black for one thing and two, I only have 15ml of my cream in it and it’s really hard for me to drink. I’m going back to my regular coffee tomorrow.
You know I don’t really mind my job, given the fact I have very forgiven bosses and my manager thinks I’m hilarious because my life isn’t exactly ordinary. So if I don’t make it through this interviewing process on Thursday I’ll be okay here for a little bit longer. I’m so nervous about my interview! I need to answer the questions in STARS format which is Situation, Task, Action, Result and Skills. There are 6 questions (yes they give the questions now I need to find the scenario’s and fill in the blanks for when they ask me them.) two of the question I do need a supervisor reference for, which I think I have two so I’m good on that. If all goes well in the interview, the security clearance checks out, next will be the lie detector. I’m so nervous but I’m sure I’ll do fine, worse comes to worse if I don’t get it, who cares at least I’ll get interviewing skills. Haha…
I don’t have much else to give you guys progress on, so off I go to answer my questions, study and finish off my clearance check list. I have two hours at home before I head off to job number two unless I can get someone to cover my shift!
Take care bloggers…
P.S where’s Jelbelle?


  1. 15 ml?!

    Dang girl you're really measuring that stuff! lol

    I'm sure you're going to do just fab in your interview. Just walk in there and act like you own the place -- that's how I am when I go in lol. Works wonders with para-interview nerves.

  2. If the protein shakes aren't filling you up, I'd move on, too. Mine are high in cals, but full of stuff so that they are filling and I can go hours on them when I drink them. But if that isn't happening for you, give them up and go back to your coffee! You could have coffee and a breakfast sandwich with some fruit and be just as happy! One egg on a light english muffin and a slice or two of bacon (the micro kind) with strawberries on the side is right at 250 which leaves room for your coffee. Even more so if you skip the bacon and opt for something like lettuce or tomato! But I need that... or cheese... sometimes both! I don't mind higher cals at breakfast though when I eat breakfast! LOL

    And you'll do fine in the interview. Just go in being positive and all will be well. Like you said, even if you don't get it, where you are now is fine. But good luck anyways! LOL

  3. LOL Yes Gertie I measured because I was curious haha!

    Thanks ladies, I'm going to get rid of the protein shake because it doesn't do anything for me...as for the interview thing, I need to think of the answers to the questions! haha I have about 24 hours to do so! lol