Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy happy happy

So all day I was writing out my answers repeatedly in my book for my interview, because they give you the questions they are going to ask you because you have to answer them in STAR format (situation, Task, Action, Results) and I was freaking out because I couldn’t remember what I wrote, and I wrote a lot and then I began freaking out because holy shit I can’t just read off my paper this is an interview…
So I’m sitting there waiting and this unfriendly bylaw woman comes in, and I thought oh fuck please let her not be the woman to interview me and a few other come in and I was freaking out because I didn’t want to be in a panel interview with 3 to 5 people. So my nerves we’re kicking in and finally the lady comes out and I follow her into the board room and it was her and another interviewing me. Not the bitchy lady but another lady I saw walking around.
I sit down and relax a bit, and realize the whole time they needed to be writing so they weren’t really looking at me, just listening and writing to what I had to say. Though trying to get a sentence out and not studder was probably the hardest part. LOL in the end the recruiter said I pretty much have the experience, given my answers and my resume so within a week. Once my Clearance and paper work goes through and if everything is fine in my 98 questionnaire then she’ll let me know that within 4-8 weeks my lie detector will be.
After that all the applicants who make it through they will have a panel and place all the applications down and go through them and pick the best. If I make it to that stage I’ll be hired in October and then do 9 weeks of schooling, and if I do all of that Jan, 2013 I start my career!
Long ass process, but in the end it’ll be worth it! I’ll still be trying to get into the hospitals for the time being. They pay just as well as the city and are unionized as well. Of course a City job beats it all, but we’ll see. I just kicked out a dirty ass bum for spitting on my floor. I wasn’t even nice I about it, I’m usually nice but that time I was like dude you’re disgusting for spitting on my floor, get out. And he left. Grrr people piss me off. I don’t care if you wear a suit or if your homeless show some fucking respect when you’re in a public building.
So I was pretty hungry given the fact I had my dinner at 2:45pm yesterday before my interview and I decided to tell myself I could always eat tomorrow so I ate a 90 calorie yogurt and chugged lots of water. I stepped on the scale and I was only 157.8! I went to bed, chugged my water this morning and went to the bathroom and then stepped on the scale. 154.8!!!!!! I was ready to jump for joy! I am finally at the damn weight I was last year before I met Douchey Mcdouche and here it is I have 15 pounds left to lose…15!!! Yes only 15!!!! I am ready to do this! I guess Calorie counting has helped. I know last year I did this and got to this weight without the calorie counting. But also last year when I didn’t have two jobs, my week before I got paid I barely had food and was always hungry. So I guess I calorie cycled by eating normal, lots and then very little. So maybe that’s why it helped? Either way, I’m happy happy happy!
Blue and Red team, don’t forget weigh in this Sunday! And since no one had spoken to me about having not being able to weigh in, I expect all or else an elimination will happen this week…GOOD LUCK to all!


  1. Awesome weight Barbie! Quick question for you... are we still on the 10am sunday morning time frame for weigh in's or have we moved to just weighing in on Sunday at some point so that you can post by Monday morning? Just trying to clarify because honestly, I'm usually not up until noon (or a little later, depending on my appointment schedule). Just let me know when the latest possible time is (10am or whenever you need) so I'll know what I need to do. Thanks a ton and thanks for hosting the challenge!

  2. I don't mind when the weigh in is as long as it's done on sunday. Possibly before 8pm that way I can get everything settled for the morning when I do write the blog. :)

    Also anytime, I love a challenge I think sometimes we just need that push!

  3. Thanks for the comment and I'll most def. weigh in before 8pm, probably by 3pm at the latest. I usually check my email and all that before I eat breakfast, but breakfast for me is usually noon, ha ha!

  4. Wow O__O It seem like you were extremely nervous for your interview! >.< and I can't blame ya.. Job interview.. always a nervous thing :( BUt Stay positive! :)

  5. Goodness but that whole hiring process sounds LONG! But then again, I think that businesses are doing that now because they can! They can take their time and really get what they want. If it's really what you want, I hope you get it!

    Great news on the 154!!! That is darn amazing and I hope you keep it up. Sorta sounds like you accidentally did Intermittent Fasting. I'm trying that now, but I think I am just going to go back to calorie counting and use IF when I need to break out of a plateau. You busted through yours! So, just keep up the good work and keep going!

  6. Lucky - I was so stressed out! I feel better now, if I get to the lie detector part I'm going to be even more stressed! I know all I have to do is tell the truth, but those things can be very finiky thats why they aren't reliable to use in court here in Canada. lol

    Jewls- I find calorie counting has helped. It took about 3 weeks to kick in for the scale to move, but it was a wise choice for me to make! :)