Monday, June 4, 2012

It's a brand new week!

Some people you work with = douche bags who think they can do whatever the hell it is they want now. I had my post written and he comes along cause I wasn’t at my, desk and the computer was locked. Turns off the computer and signs in. Seriously? You couldn’t wait two seconds for me to come back and save whatever it was I was saving and log off? So it sort of P’d me off. Then I’m done my break and he’s just sitting here finishing off his cross word…I’m like any day now you can get your ass off my chair and go away. Lol Rant over!
Good day Blue team! Are you ready to burn off calories, lose some weight and beat Red this Sunday?! =)
Calorie counting seems to be helping me again, now that I’m realize the amount of food I have been eating and why the scale hasn’t budgets in months.
Yesterdays Calorie intake: 1,549
Yesterdays weigh in: 159.5
Give the fact Saturday I had 9 coolers plus around 1800 calories I was shocked to see that number on the scale yet happy! Last night I had a huge amount of food and lots of booze it took forever to see 170 go down. Approximately 3 weeks actually. Instead I didn’t eat unhealthy I ate healthy food, and all the time I’m hungry after a night of drinking I ate crab sushi roles instead of MacDonald’s. lol
Friday I went to Chapters with a friend and sat on the floor in the self help/fitness section and picked up three books. Bob Harper’s Skinny rules, ($30.00) I took photo’s of the index page which had all 20 skinny rules on it. I’m broke right now and didn’t really want to put out money for a book I didn’t have. I read the stuff I wanted to read that I needed more information on then the common sense title. Saved myself $30.00. I then picked up Toxic men and read a bit of that, I was going to again buy that one but decided to read the stuff that stood mostly to me. Saved myself $17.50 and last but not least, be your own Matchmaker by Patti Stanger. I was going to buy that book too because well why not. Saved myself $7.50 and just read the part on internet dating sites. Lastly I did pick up a calorie counter pocket book which cost $10.00 but in total I saved $55.00 J not bad!
“Coffee is cheap and not even worth getting out of bed and putting makeup on for, drinks are and audition, lunch is an interview, but dinner means business.”
I pretty much followed this without reading it until now. Lol it’s totally my new line for internet dating and it’s so true. Do you know how many coffee meet up I actually cancel on UNLESS it’s just at the starbucks right by my house? Pretty much all of them. Even the ones I set up because it’s like “meh who cares.” One I shouldn’t be the one setting up a “date” anyways and two I should probably just start showing up to coffee dates in my Pj’s, hair a mess with no makeup because that pretty much sums up how I feel about coffee dates.
Drinks…I canceled on those as well and sure it’s like well “how do you expect to meet anyone if you keep canceling?” it’s easy I meet people who put more effort in shit then the once that think of this. Unless it’s a group date I won’t do drinks. I don’t get how you can expect to know anyone in a loud environment and sure pubs are relaxing a bit but only if they’re dead and no one is around. Mostly of them are crawling with people and you can hardly hear yourself talk. So no drinks for me, unless you’re bringing on another hot single friend and I’ll bring my friend along.
Lunch…If I set up a lunch date it’s because I have a dinner date later on. Not even kidding you and me being a girl, I can imagine what the guys has for plan.
Dinner…True story actually I was chatting with this guy for a while when he decided to ask me out. We exchanged phone numbers and at first I was thinking we were going to go for drinks, and I figured I would cancel Friday morning because well…we just read what I wrote. Well Thursday evening he decided to text me and ask me if I ever ate a this certain place before. So what turned out to be “drinks” ended up actually being dinner and you know what. I didn’t cancel.
I had a guy claim he was so into me and was trying to get me to go out with him for coffee. One day he came over to my friends house and played video games with us. Right there is you met me, we talked. After that it was still coffee. And yes I get you can get together with someone have coffee then move on to dinner BUT if you have been talking to me for a while weeks, months and you’re apparently interested I think I’m worth a little more than a buck fifty cup of coffee. Just saying.
Alright now I don’t anything else to say other then after work I better get my ass to the gym!
Happy Monday all.  


  1. It's weird that he started off with coffee but I guess give it a shot? I would of preferred a full meal too LOL

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. No it's already done and over with. I added him to FB forgetting I wrote about going on a date and he got pissed because he said he was trying to get together with me forever. I explained to him how he already met me and all he wants to do it coffee, the fact this guy hasn't met me and wants to do dinner, I'm obviously going to not decline someone who puts thought into something. lol! Besides he already told me he was a sleazebag and thought he deserved bonus points because he was honest about it. haha...

  3. I agree with Grace.. lol full meal is so much better! :)

  4. I agree! Especially after you've been talking for a week or weeks on end. Dinner is more appropriate then coffee haha!