Friday, June 1, 2012

June is here!

This makes me very excited! It’s a new month. I love new months because everything feels fresh.
First of the month weigh in: 160.5

Calorie intake for yesterday: 1415!!!! I was only 10 calories over my budget and to be honest I wasn’t not going to have my 110 calorie ice cream that was I was craving all because I’d be over…and I had four raspberries. I was hungry but impressed with myself that I didn’t over eat!

Biggest Loser Challenge Rules:
Everyone must weigh in this Sunday, so we all have a starting weight.

So far I only have 5 people. Which is a problem because it’s an uneven number, if I can get one more person it’ll either be three groups of two, or two groups of three. If another person doesn’t join but tomorrow night, I will think of something.

You must weigh in every Sunday, we’re working as a team and the last thing you want to do is disappoint your team member.

I want it to be an 8 week challenge. By week three eliminations will start happening. If I get eliminated at some point, I will still do the blog postings. I’ve decided to make a second part to my blog for challenges like this, where everything will be posted, if it makes it easier you can also just post the weight on weigh in days in comments here.  

On Sunday check out the blog to see what team you are on and who are the members, of course I’ll post on my blogs as a reminder on Sundays. If you have anymore questions feel free to message me through email at



  1. Yay! Sounds exciting! I sent the word out to everyone I think might want in, so hopefully we'll get one more person!

  2. We ended up getting two more people I think so I still need one more to make it 8! lol But we'll see sunday who is really in! Hopefully everyone still!

  3. What should we do if prearranged circumstances keep us from weighing in? I'll be at a convention this coming weekend, Thursday-Sunday, but it would be the only weigh in I would have to miss. I can weigh in the following Monday (the 11th), but unfortunately I won't have access to a scale in my hotel ;_;

  4. That's fine just let me know and Definitely get the information to me Monday (I prefer the morning) so when I get my blog up. :)