Monday, June 25, 2012

Move on over...

Winner is up J
TMI: I can finally go to the washroom! My god, I haven’t been able to go #2 since Friday..would explain my disappointing two pound gain for Sunday’s weigh in. But here I am today system is clearing out…Does anyone else notice if you drink water within your first 15 minutes of waking up it helps with your bowel movements?
I emailed back the recruiter to find out why I didn’t make it past the interview stage. Since the posting is back up on the city website I’m not curious as to what it was, whether it was my actual interview or if it was because I didn’t have my transcripts from high school. So hopefully she emails me back for some positive feedback so I know for next time. Not that I’m going to reapply for the position. I don’t feel like disclosing my past…
I will though start applying to British Columbia jobs and more jobs within my city because in the end I ultimately want to be in BC but I can’t make that jump until I’m secure. I also found my perfect match for the dog I want; Shiba Inu now to find a breeder and to put myself on a waiting list.

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