Friday, June 22, 2012

Pup researching

Calories: 1915
Exercise: 30 minute walk
Scale in the AM: 156.5

So I’m puppy shopping for next year since I can’t get a dog now, and I want to get one in April when the weather starts to get nicer and train my dog through the spring and summer. (Cause we don’t get much of one out here) and originally it was out of the two types of dogs.  Chihuahua, and a Pomeranian, then I decided to go onto an American Eskimo because they look like Pom’s only white, but now I think the one that’s in the lead is this cutie.
A beagle! They’re super cute, medium size and loyal. But April is a long way so I’m sure I’ll have changed my mind a million times by then. I need to keep my calories low today and tomorrow and get a nice walk/jog in today. I wish I could get my C25K on my IPOD but I can’t which sucks because I don’t want to carry my phone while I jog. I’d only be able to transfer it over if I had an IPOD touch, but I don’t want one of those…
Anyways I have nothing else to say, Happy Friday all!
P.S Teams remember weigh in Sunday! Don’t make me write an blog to remind you :P


  1. Very sorry to hear about the job thing. I was honestly thinking it was going to come out better. But hopefully this just means something more suited for you will come along. I know that's hard to see now, but sometimes it's true. LOL It happened to us. So, just try to keep an open mind.

    As for the pup... yeah... I'd pass on a Beagle pup unless you have a LOT of free time. Beagles, while great dogs, need a LOT of attention and HATE being alone. They are 'companion' or 'pack' dogs and do NOT do well when left alone for periods of time. Any time really! And they will HOWL. LOUDLY and for a LONG time! A neighbor here has one, and he leaves the poor guy out all of the time with no attention so he is driving the entire neighborhood bonkers. But a family friend in my hometown said they were great as long as you didn't leave them alone too much. I'd say go with a pet that can be a bit more independent. For me, a Chi or Pom is a lot of maintenance and can be tempermental, but they don't need non-stop attention. Beagles are a bit easier in maintenance, but they need a lot of time. So, it's all about what you feel will fit your lifestyle. We have two terrier mixes that are rescues and they are great. Pack or family oriented, high energy, but do fine kennel trained. One is a Border Terrier mix and one is a spaniel mix. Both have good temperments but could probably use a bit more exercise. lol A Spaniel is a similar breed to Beagles... you should check out all the different kinds of those!

    Either way, good luck. Picking the right pet can be a long journey at times. But with us... well, we usually end up just going and seeing if one clicks with us. And so far, that has worked for us. :)

  2. Oh man, thanks for the advice on the beagle and other dogs. I do kind of need one who's okay to be alone at least for 8 hours of the day since I am at work. I guess I'll keep on searching :)

  3. I love beagles! They are so cute. I like how you. Are doing research instead of leaping into things. My dream dog is the corgi!