Saturday, June 23, 2012

Shiba Inu


My mind changed after doing some research, and when I looked up a Shiba inu and read all about it I found my perfect match. Given the fact both of our personalities are the same (especially the property laws I had a good laugh at.) It's a cat like dog only thing is I need to make sure the dog in the end knows I'm the Alpha cause if she thinks she is, she's going to rule everything.

The wait is about 8 months which is perfect because I don't want one right away and now I just need to see the two breeders to see which one I want to purchase from. :)

Quick Shiba Facts

  • Shibas are loyal and affectionate but also can be independent and stubborn.
  • Shibas have a beautiful short double haired coat. They shed their undercoat twice a year.
  • Shibas are exceptionally easy to house train. They also are very clean with virtually no doggie odors.
  • Shibas love to run, are energetic on walks, but they can be a very calm housedog.
  • Shibas may or may not come when called off leash. Puppy school is essential for this training.
  • Puppy and obedience school is a must for socializing your Shiba.
  • Shibas are little guard dogs but not attack dogs, they will bark an alarm when someone comes to the house.
  • Shibas are generally quiet and not a yappy breed.
  • Shibas are very hearty and can be great outdoor / indoor dogs.
  • Shibas are great family pets.

Shiba Inu Property Laws

  1. If I like it,it's mine.
  2. If it's in my mouth it's mine.
  3. If I had it a little while ago it's mine.
  4. If I can take it from you it's mine.
  5. If it's mine it must never be yours.
  6. If it just looks like mine,it must never be yours.
  7. If I saw it first,it's mine.
  8. If you are playing with something else and put it down It's mine.
  9. If I'm chewing something up, all the pieces are mine.
  10. If it used to be yours, get over it.
  11. If it's broken it's yours.


  1. my sister has a shiba inu..she's sweet with humans but not so much with other dogs. Not sure if it's the nature of the breed or just how she's raised. She's so cute though, but doesn't like my basset hound so screw that! lol jk

  2. I think it was how she was raised. You have to socialize the dogs around other animals, children, people between they're the time they are born up to 6 months. After the 6 month mark it becomes harder to train them around other animals. lol

  3. Sounds like a perfect breed for you! LOL But training is a must. And kennel training will help with the 'property laws' thing. LOL We had to do it with our male terrier and honestly, he is SO much more loving and relaxed because the kennel is his 'den' instead of the whole house. Glad I could help the other day... some people take advice like that as being mean or pushy but I guess I'm just one of those people that likes to help and happens to know a whole bunch of random info on different things. LOL Good luck with your gal and you MUST post pics once you get one! :D