Thursday, June 28, 2012


My heart goes out to the two people who lost their lives in this tragic accident. I was really hoping for a miracle for at least one of you to come out alive…
I went for a hike last night and got some wicked pictures. (Coming soon to dysfunctionalbarbies photography. For those who want to like my page and check it out here ya go. It lasted about two hours because we were stopping getting pictures etc. Tonight I’m going to Hot Yoga with my friend since she has once a month guest pass. I put my scale up 10 pounds (don’t worry R-Team, I’ll put it down to normal for the weigh in.) but I did it for a mind fuck, because when I was in the 160’s all I wanted to do was be in the 150’s and I felt fat and blah. Well given if I see the scale at 168 or whatever I’ll start to see that in the mirror, which will then start to give me that motivation to get my ass in gear and watch my next 10 pounds get off of me. Ah the wonderful tricks you can doing with your mind…;)
Prize for reaching 150: Get my hair cut and nails done and a cute dress from Blame Betty. (I’m hating my hair right now…so this will be motivation to get those pesky pounds down so I can get it cut…lol)
So the lady never replied back to tell me what I did wrong in the interview to better myself for next time, that’s okay. I don’t plan on re-applying. I have enough time to get home, do a load of laundry. Get some cleaning done then go to Yoga from 6 to 8. I will then come home and go to bed.

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