Tuesday, July 3, 2012


You want to know the beautiful thing that happened to me? So remember I went to Mr. Lube for an over charged Oil Change? (maybe I didn’t blog about it...)Well during that oil change they opened up my glove compartment and took out my Cabin air filter (which I honestly didn’t even know existed! Until they did it) then asked me if I wanted them to change it for me? I asked them how much (add on another $70.00 to that $87.00) Oil change…I was like hell no. So they put it back…(they also wanted to over charge me on windshield wipers which I bought myself and put on myself)
I went to auto source on Saturday picked up the Cabin Air filter myself for $20.00 and it took me less than 3 minutes to put it in myself. I’m chatting with a guy who is the manager for Mr. Lube through text and I was telling him how his company is a rip off. He claims that these people actually care about your vehicle etc..and the dealership over prices. (I don’t think so… we’ll maybe the dealership over prices things but so does Mr. Lube. But that’s not the point!)
I told him about the Cabin air filter situation and said I couldn’t believe they would honestly charge that much! He was JUST having a conversation with another lady who was complaining about the exact same thing. He said they charge for the labour…50.00 bucks for a labour job of less than three minutes?!?!!? He then went all mathematical on me (between dealership and Mr. Lube prices) and then goes “who’s cheaper now?” I said I was because their company is stupid for showing me where my Cabin Air Filter was in the first place and taking it out in front of me…so Yes I got an overpriced oil change with a nice little learning lesson. ;) So Mr. Lube Manager & stores…you can SUCK IT! (lol…I’m pretty sure he got pissed/offended because I was bashing his work place…I wasn’t bashing him just the ethic’s of their stores and them being a complete rip off.)
So in Jan I went to Walmart because I needed two new tires because I got a flat and they were the cheapest. I asked for my correct size and I didn’t notice until now those incompetent idiots gave me the wrong size! My tire size is 185, they gave me 195…so of course I was freaking out a little so I asked another Mechanic guy I’m talking to if it was okay. He told me because it’s only 10 over it more than likely wasn’t doing any damage. As long as both tires are on the front. Most small sports cars have different size tires on the front and back anyways so it was fine. Note to self, stay away from Mr. Lube and Walmart for anything….and just stop being a lazy ass and travel half way across the city to bring my car in. The Mechanic guy told me he’d teach me how to change my own oil too. I’m loving this new size of me and learning about my car and the small things I can do myself to save me money in the long run!
So I’m pregnant…not really but it’s exactly 8-9 months before I get a dog and so it’s the start of my pregnancy stage..LOL I started freaking out a little (clearly I should never get pregnant if I’m going through a freak out over a dog haha) what if I make a horrible dog owner? What if I spend ALL this money towards this dog, can’t train her properly and she had behavior issues and then I have to give her away?! I just say that because my friend bought a great Dane and ended up having to give him up because she couldn’t train him properly and he had so many issues to begin with not to mention her issues…( I consider myself a very stable mental person…)what if that happens to me?! Of course I’m mentally preparing myself for this but who really is ever mentally prepared once they get it? Generally I think I’ll be okay, but now I’m second guessing buying a pure breed Vs. Shelter dog…it’s like do you choose to have your own children or adopt? Ah….I think it’s just almost TOM time so it’s my freak out time so I’m over analyzing everything…Just breath and reboot…
So I wrote out my daily schedule for after work since clearly I NEED to get my ass in gear and get back to the gym…(or start going) Today I will FORCE myself to do it. If I’m tired after work I will have a coffee and go. I’m fine being 158, but really I need to get my hair done and can’t until I get down to 150…so I need to do this, not only so I can do something about this scraggly disastrous hair but because it’s something I want to do but for some reason I’m sabotaging myself. I know I CAN do it, but I’m making excuses not to do it. Don’t get me wrong I don’t look fat at all, I have a small little belly and most of the time I’m okay naked…but you know…it’s not ALL the time. So since it’s a NEW month and I’m charged and refreshed from this LONG weekend of rest I should be able to do this! I WILL do this. I WILL force myself to do this. I WILL stop making excuses and I WILL lose this cute little pregger’s belly! Haha
Alright Bloggers HAPPY TUESDAY and to myself I CAN DO THIS I WILL DO THIS…
P.S If I honestly had the proportioned curves like Marilyn Monroe did, I wonder if I would love and accept myself like that or if I would still be just as judgmental as I am now?


  1. You should get a cat instead, they're much less stressful than dogs! But then, I've never had a dog before, so I really wouldn't know that. But I figure, if 13 year old me could raise two baby cats by myself, it shouldn't be so bad, right?

    And as for Mr. Lube, what scammers! I can't believe they would charge all that for something so small. We've got a little tire place right next to our neighborhood, that if you just drive up back and ask them for a little something, they'll just do it for free because they're nice guys. Once I asked if they could replace my innertube on my bike, I bought the new tube, but when they went to replace it, they ended up blowing my whole tire out and they replaced it for me all for free. THOSE are people who care about their customers. If that manager cared at all, he would have done something to refund your money >:(

    Alright girly, we've got two weeks till our next weigh in. Come time for eliminations, you BETTER be under 155! And I will DEFINITELY be under 180! (Look there, deterimination!)

  2. I have two cats, I gave them to my grandma though when I moved back home for 6 months and she still has them, They're her's right now, but if something ever happens to her *Knock on wood not any time soon* I will have to make a trip back east to pick them up...unless my mommy will take them which she probably will. Only because I don't want to relocate those poor babies on another 3-4 day drive back out west.

    I KNOW EH!!! and that manager dude was trying to justfy his employee's and the peopel that work for that rip off company! Not to mention my friend needed to change her tire and the guy told her she couldn't do it on their property! so she had to move her car onto the street to do it! Another reason why I wouldn't go back there...

    Also Done deal! Let's do this!

  3. Yea I've heard horror stories of mechanic frauds. One was when they deliberately frack up and scramble your car's computer system and warning lights would come on, which would make you go back and get them "fixed". Shitty bastards! I never trust mechanics. period lol

    Rescue dogs are just as lovable as any dog -- pure or mix. I have seen beautiful dogs that find themselves in high-kill shelters, it's really sad. I'd say take your time, having a pet is like the best thing that ever happened to me.. shit it's better than having a bf if you ask me lol they just love you unconditionally. :)

  4. I always wanted a Husky (but I wouldn't get one until I had a decent size back yard.) Absolutely the most beautiful dog in the world...A LOT of them are up for adoption and in shelters because people think, oh beautiful dog without realizing how HIGH maintenance they are. Lack of research and soon enough the place is over populated with Husky's and no one wants them. It's horrible. If I owned a farm land, never mind pigs, horses and cows. It'd be all dogs and cats. LOL maybe one or two pop belly pigs cause there so cute!

  5. Best money you could ever spend would be to get a car manual from Auto Zone or Advanced Auto or even on Amazon. Car places (especially those quick lube types and Wally) will mooch mooch mooch and lie lie lie! Not to mention they freakin' just over-charge out the wazoo! LOL I think it would be great for you to learn more about cars... every woman should know the basics. I have a new car now and hope the hubby has the time soon to show me some stuff on it. Very different from my last one!

    And as for your friend with the flat tire... I'd have said Kiss my A$$ you jerks! Call the cops if you want me gone and if you harass me, I'll call them MYSELF!