Wednesday, July 4, 2012

So true...

I went to the gym yesterday for 30 minutes! I meant to go longer to get some weight training in, but I decided after my warm up of 6 minutes of jogging and 5 minutes of walk I was going to do push up’s…36 of them I did. Not in row, 3 sets of 12…with a few seconds break in between. 24 boy pushups and the last 12 girl pushups…My arms were jello. I couldn’t lift another thing after that…so did a minute and thirty seconds of jump rope and 10 minutes on the elliptical. My arms were still shaky 2 hours later..My shoulders hurt today…(note to self:  do pushups last!)
7 minute jog (everyday I’m going to up it by a minute)
5 minute walk
Dumb bell bench press 3 sets of 12reps (8 pounds) 1 minute rest between.
Triceps pushdown 3 sets of 12 reps (don’t know the weigh yet) 1 minute rest between
2 minutes of jump rope
Standing dumbbell triceps extension 3 sets of 12 reps (not sure which weight to us yet) 1 minute rest
Standing dumbbell shoulder press 3 sets of 12 (8 pounds) 1 minute rest between
7 minute jog
5 minute cool down walk.

Every day I’m writing a small accomplishment I’ve done to appreciate the small things in life. I feel so many people will say things to try and bring you down and generally I’m a happy person and people hate that. So they will judge me and say stuff to try and hurt me.

Example of rudeness from someone yesterday;  I was making a day pass for someone speaking with security from the other company on the phone. He was telling me how theirs this exam you can do after being in security for 5 years. I was telling him how I’ve done security for 5 years and this guy who I was making a card for says to me. “I know this isn’t any of my business but why would you waste your life doing this job for 5 years? Are you planning on going back to school and if so when? Because you’re young this job is for people fresh off the boat or old…and I hope you know you have wasted 5 years of your life…”

I couldn’t believe it, what if I ACTUALLY like my job?! I don’t understand how someone who knows nothing about me what I’m doing with my life outside of this place can honestly make a judgmental comment and shake his head at my life and do what he can to make me feel like shit about it? I’d like to kick him in the balls. No one within his security department appreciated that comment either. (I’m very close with that security team) I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a rough day today with his access and getting anywhere. ;). I guess because as a security we’re all uneducated and a waste of space…Just remember when you need something it takes quite some time for us to have to get to you…because we’re all dumb and incompetent. (Apparently). Yet some over paid asshole can’t even remember to bring someone as small as his access card in…two days in a row.

I know I shouldn’t let it bother, and it truly only does because I do in fact have a problem with what I’m doing right now and I don’t believe I wasted 5 years of my life because I LOVED working in the hospital and at the Toronto Zoo doing security because one the experience and two I got to pet a Cheetah!!! But that doesn’t mean someone should put me down and make me feel like shit because of my certain life choices…

Alright that’s all for today, happy Hump Day! <3

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  1. Wait, I'm confused... why is working in security a waste of time? What would we do without security? We NEED people doing security and taking it seriously! Otherwise, what would happen? Oh, that's right! Those same people who ran their mouths about you wasting your time would be WHINING the minute some poo hit the fan!!! What a massive JERK JERK JERK JERK!!!!! I don't know how you didn't look at him and say something smart like, well, without me, how would you stay safe, sir? How would you even get into your office since you didn't have your card sir? Oh, that's right, you WOULDN'T! UGH. Better off to let it go, but for crying out loud, I wish people would stop putting down good jobs and acting like because they sit at an office desk that they are so grand. A good job is a good job and if more people appreciated these 'meaningless' or 'wasted' jobs, we'd have a country that wasn't in such economic distress from people who all think they need to have everything for nothing or everything because they went to college and now sit at a DESK!

    Sorry for the rant, I am just sick to death of ignorant and self-absorbed people!!