Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Starting over yet again...

Hello all my follower's, it has been quiet some time since I've written. 

I'm back up in weight 170 pounds, I hope all of you have been successful or close to being successful on your journey's where I am re-starting over yet again...I'm tired of it and yet I'm doing it again.

In Jan I decided I couldn't do this on my own anymore, so I got a personal trainer (who is reasonably cheap, creditable and works with us.) We began working out, then decided to do Hapkido. I told him that my goal date is May 23rd and I want to be 140 pounds... This is when I thought I was still 160. I was wrong, stepping on the scale the other day I'm at 169! I haven't lost anything in the last three months since starting this training. 

I can't really blame anyone but myself since I work shift work my eating habits have been disgusting! I do have to admit I've been feeling pretty light the last two days and my work pants which seemed to be getting tighter each day, have been feeling pretty loose the last two!

On none weight loss events.

I'm finally getting a puppy! I get to pick her out on April 6th! After the previous litters only having males, and I preferred a female. I finally get one! I'll be getting her in May close to my birthday which I'm totally stoked about!

Hope everyone is doing good! I'll try to post every so often to keep ya'll up to date!


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