Thursday, April 4, 2013


It's going to officially have to become a "force" to workout and lose weight.

Life is different now because I now have a roommate which I think is part of the reason as to why this time around it's hard. She wants to lose weight as do I, only thing is she won't workout with me, go jog with me or anything. I couldn't figure out the reason as to why? 

I mention crossfit to her once, she said "why would I do that?" Others mention it, she says she "wants to try that!". I mention starting C25k back in December  she said "No because theirs snow on the ground." but now she's attempting to do it with someone else. She mentioned she needed a trainer like mine, I invited her for a session and she had an excuse. It's probably something to do with me? 

The kitchen seems to always be a mess, the counters are never cleaned so I don't want to cook. So I guess I'm going to have to write a list of things I need to do for a "better" living situation for myself. I don't plan on moving out anytime soon. We are friends, mostly get a long and we both have a good deal on the house. It's just certain things I need to get passed mentally in order to accomplish my goals. 

1 - Use only my dishes (we both have our dishes in the cupboard) but if I only use mine, it'll help me distinguish between her's and mine mess. 

2- Clean up my mess right away. (If she's left a mess, pile it all on the other side of the counter to keep an area clean. 

3 - Wake up at 5am and go for a jog. (I kind of need to do this anyways for when I get my puppy, she can get her morning exercise before I head off to work for 12 hours.) I only work 2 days shifts, then 2 night shifts (so I'll wake up at 5pm on my nights). 4 days off. 

4- My eating habits need to change drastically. 

5 - I need to clean my room and keep it that way.

6 - I've started a journal for my journey where I can paste pictures and write about my thoughts and progress...

Well I'm off, I'll update again soon.


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  1. Ugh. It's hard when you don't have a roommate on the same page. I was SO lucky that before I got married, I had a STELLAR room mate! We both worked to keep things clean, we shopped for food together, and rarely did we have major issues. Joint spaces were cleaned jointly and the personal spaces were our own to deal with. Once a month, we had a 'cleaning' day where we literally scrubbed down the whole apartment from top to bottom. You know what may help you two? You may need to set up a chore sheet where she does certain things on certain weeks and you do certain things and then the next week it changes. That way, you both are working towards a clean and happy place. If she doesn't want to workout or shop with you, that is fine. Just designate a few shelves as yours in the cabinet and in the fridge and the same for her. It'll get better. Just keep your head in the game and don't let someone who isn't going to put forth the work bring you down. You know you can do it since you did it before! :D